Why learn Spanish in Spain?

You are thinking of traveling to Spain to learn Spanish or improve your skills? Here are some reasons and tips why it is a great experience studying Spanish directly in Spain:

Staying in Spain can give you a much more intense and interesting time learning Spanish, and having fun while learning it.

1. When surrounded by natives and the spanish language constantly you pick up the language way faster and therefore begin to understand the language better.

2. Of course you should not just run into it and travel to Spain, live in an apartment and wait for the spanish language to come to you. If you really want to learn Spanish in Spain you should consider searching yourself a language school. In Spain there are many official language schools to help you learn Spanish and English, one of them being Spark with it´s classes for Students, Adults and School Groups.

3. In addition to that you can stay with a host family. Through a host family you can dip in into the Spanish Culture, their family lives and finding friends. You are also forced to speak Spanish constantly or at least try, because in a host family communication is key.

4. Lastly, you have to have a look at the regions of Spain, because some are good for learning spanish and some have a really heavy accent or speak their own language and you might not understand a thing.

In these beautiful 5 cities learning Spanish is easy, as the people speak clear and understandable Spanish:

Salamanca –> University city

Madrid –> Capital of Spain, metropolis

León –> Captial of Province León, historical architecture

Córdoba –> Capital of Province Córdoba, was a very important Roman city

Cádiz –> Capital of Province Cádiz, ancient port city and of course our own wonderful spectacular El Puerto de Santa Maria.

These 3 cities might be very beautiful, no doubt, but you should rather avoid them, as they all have their own language and not everyone speaks Castellano ( the Spanish teached in schools):

Barcelona –> preferred language: Catalan

Bilbao –> preferred language: Basque

Valencia –> preferred language: Valencian

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