My Mission Statement

Throughout my two weeks here, I want to learn the language and find out my personal level.

I could decide where I would like to go. I had the countries Spain and England to choose from. I chose Spain because I love the language and I learn it at school. Also, many people have said that the people in Spain are more open that the people in England. I´m 15 years old and I have the feeling that Spain is the right country. I have not let others influence me. I chose this for me.

I will do my work experience here in Spark. I chose it because it I´m interested to see the work life. Another point is that I must do work experience in Germany and I wanted to do something special so I chose to do it in Spain. There you can learn more than when you do it in Germany. Moreover, work experience is helpful for my future, especially abroad.

I want to get out many things from this experience. For example, the language. After the two weeks I will be much better than before. Also it will help me in the future, for work later on and for life.

I want people here to think that I´m an open and happy person. I hope that they will rememebr me. I want them to think of me as determined and friendly. For this, I will give my best and be friendly all the time. I will communicate with the Spark team and I won´t give up.

In every moment I will say to myself that I can do anything. It´s all possible if I put my mind and my heart into it. I won´t give myslef a limit. I don´t have a limit. Only my mind has a limit.

I will only see the good things in a person. All people have a good side and a bad side but when I only see the bad side I also feel bad. So, I will only see the good side to make me feel happy.

When the twon weeks are finished I will leave with a good feeling. I will have a different view of things or of the world. I would like to feel happy.

When I will make a mistake, it isn´t terrible. All people make mistakes and when you learn from them and make it better the next time, it´s great!

My 10 Power Statements:

  1. I will believe that I can do anything when I want to do it.
  2. I will inspire others.
  3. I will think about my future, whether something can be helpful for my future.
  4. I will live out my responsibilities with passion and excitement.
  5. I will learn everything thats helpful.
  6. I will learn from my mistakes.
  7. I will not place a limit.
  8. I will learn the good things from people.
  9. I will set goals.
  10. I will remind myself that all is good.

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