My Mission Statement – Magdalena Rudnicka

Throughout my six month work placement here at Spark, I want to achieve many things that are on a professional and academic level but also on a personal level. Some of the things that I will work to accomplish are as follows –

I will become confident with using the Spanish language. I will accomplish this by integrating myself into the Spanish culture and communicating with the Spark team, as well as with others that I may encounter even if at the time I may still not be comfortable with using the Spanish language.

I will develop good work ethics and skills that will help me reach my full potential and ones that will reflect in any of my future employment. I will accomplish this by engaging in every task that I’m given and completing it to the best of my ability.

I will break bad habits of leaving things to the last minute and create ones that help me stay motivated and pro-active. I will do this by creating a daily habit of staying on top of my tasks and responsibilities and planning ahead to avoid unnecessary issues.

I will develop independent thinking and be my own solution to problems and seek help only if unavoidable.

By the end of my placement, I will feel fulfilled with the work that I carried out. I will have contributed my best effort in helping the team run the company as efficiently as possible. I want to be seen as a supportive, professional and inspiring team member. Additionally, I wish to be seen as approachable to anybody with queries and I will accomplish that by having a positive attitude to everyone I meet.

I will support the values that Spark holds and commit to them myself by being a hard-working and caring individual who is always open to helping people and isn’t afraid to put in the extra bit of effort when things become challenging.

When I encounter a difficult task I will not turn away from it but instead say ‘I can do it’ and give it my best shot because that is the way to learn and develop.

When I complete my placement, I don’t just want my placement to be seen as part of my college degree but rather, I will look at this six month period as a time of growth, both professionally and personally, as a place where I understood what it means to be a true team player.

Most importantly, I want to feel proud of myself that I was able to successfully complete a placement that was challenging at times but proved to be one where I became confident with facing challenges and overcoming them with a positive attitude.

My 10 Power Statements:

  1. I will develop habits that help me stick to a consistent and healthy work ethic.
  2. I will say ‘I can do it’ if i ever feel self doubt.
  3. I will keep a positve attitude even when circumstances make it difficult.
  4. I will not be upset if I make mistakes as they are an important aspect of self development and learning.
  5. I will look at every opportunity and challenge with a positive attitude.
  6. I will develop confidence and initiative each and everyday.
  7. I will be passionate and excited about tasks presented before me.
  8. I will develop a habit of saying that I am not one thing but that I have the power to change anything about myself.
  9. I will make it a habit to reflect on my growth and development.
  10. I will remind myself that learning is a combined process of both failures and accomplishments.

One Comment on “My Mission Statement – Magdalena Rudnicka

  1. Well done, a very good mission statement. Here’s to a great 6 months!

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