My Mission Statement: Noah Darwich

In my four weeks doing the work and study programm, i will improve my language skills and i will get to know how its like to work in an office .
I will improve my language skills, even if i sometimes forget some words. This issue will be tackled by forcing myself to speak to people on the street or in the bus. I know thats sounds crazy but i really want to improve so there is no other option.
By doing the tasks that are given to me i can steadily increase my interst in working at spark and for spark they get smoyhing in return as well someone who can help organize, clean or even help with classes. So both sides profit.
Through working and then solving these tasks by myself, i will eliminate my weaknesses and discover new strenghts.
I will also change my bad habits like being a unmotivated at times. To get success i have to overcome any obstacle that stands in my way and i have to reach my goals. I also need to remind me of how do i reach the success every day, that will help me keep track of my goals and principles.
When returning home i will be filled with joy over the fact that i finally solved my weaknesses and i will always think back and remember the good times i had during this work placement.

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