My Mission Statement – Antonia Zedler

During my internship at Spark I want to accomplish different kind of professional and personal developments.

At first, I want to accomplish a practical experience in which I am going to learn a bunch of new skills. I will do this by working hard and learning during every task.

I want to convert my theoretical knowledge into practical skills. I will accomplish this by doing every task with as most effort as possible.

Working in my first real office job, I want to become able to work independently and autonomous. I will accomplish this by taking initiative for every task.

I want to become a reliable and responsible employee. I will accomplish this continuously delivering good work.

I want to internalise that failing is good in order to learn. I will accomplish this via reminding me whenever I feel fear of failing.

Therefore, I am open to find more weaknesses of mine and I will strengthen them through taking initiative and work hard.

I want to become more able to deal with direct feedback. I will accomplish this by having regularly feedback meetings and do a self-reflexion.

Living and working at Spark for four months, I want to become part of a new culture. I will do this by integrating myself as best as possible, diving into everything that is new.

Moreover, I want to develop further business Spanish skills. I will accomplish this via not fearing a talk with my Spanish colleagues and everybody else.

My ten power statements:

  1. I will say “I can do it” if I ever feel self-doubt.
  2. If I am afraid of failing, I will say “Without failure I could not learn”.
  3. I will set goals and reflect them continuously.
  4. I will learn how to deal with direct feedback in the best possible way.
  5. I will develop good work ethics in order to become a reliable employee.
  6. I will become able to work independently.
  7. I will always do my best in order to find a solution for upcoming problems.
  8. I will always be a support for everyone.
  9. I will find my weaknesses and strengthen them.
  10. I will enjoy getting to know more cultural (Spanish) habits as well as good work habits.

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