Mission Statement – Luise

For the next 2 weeks, I will be doing a work experience at Sparks Spanish. I went to Spain to further work on my Spanish besides the 4 years of Spanish classes I got at home. To also improve on a personal level I set four goals to achieve. 

I will get more confident and independent. I started working on this goal by living and working in Spain without my family or friends. I am staying with a host family but I will go to Spark every day on my own and discover El Puerto De Santa Maria. 

By putting my knowledge and ability to speak Spanish to the test I will speak better Spanish. I will have many situations where I can practice the language by hearing and speaking with Spanish people like my host family and colleagues at Spark. 

I will be very creative and work self-standing, because of the projects I am going to work on and the choices I can make. The work experience I am going to do at Spark is going to be painting one of the walls at Spark. To come up with this painting I will use my creativity and work on it independently. 

At the end of my internship, I will have new friends and great memories made at Spark and during my stay in El Puerto de Santa Maria.