Mission Statement and Final Thoughts- Poppy Millar, Spark Internship 2016


I am a firm believer that I will achieve every personal and professional goal set by the Spark team and myself. Despite committing to a placement in order to improve my language skills, I also value the position I have been given. I will fulfil the objectives and visions of the company whilst supporting the team with anything, and everything, required. This is my first proper job role within an office-based environment and I will learn as much as I will perform, exemplifying the skills learnt and utilise them in all working scenarios. I should be good at my role but in actual fact, I will be great at my role, always producing results no matter how menial the objectives may seem, because Inge obviously saw potential in me and I will prove this to her by the end of my placement.

Six months is plenty of time to grow within a workplace, and I will slowly, yet efficiently, present this after I have adjusted to the hardworking and active atmosphere of Spark. Working in a lively office, full of dedicated people, will make me value all the work that others do, and this will reflect through my own work ethic and progress. I will develop and finesse my capability to work effectively and efficiently, whilst taking in everything Spark has to offer me. Moreover I will become a professional and driven individual as a result of taking the Spark values on board and transforming my own work to be the best it can be, if not more.

During my period at Spark, I will be relied upon as an important team member, available to help or advise, if possible, and always seek to put my best foot forwards. My colleagues will recognize me as bright and enthusiastic within the office, keen to learn more. The native Spanish speakers will see key language progression, in terms of confidence and fluency, adding to the support I will give them over the course of my placement. Not only will I put in the effort to speak Spanish but also be recognized by my colleagues as a valuable team member shown through my dedication and quick learning at Spark. From the perspective of my managers, I will be someone who is considered more than just a temporary placement member. In actual fact, my managers will be impressed with the work I do, and recognize the initiative taken in all objectives that are set.

In terms of teaching English, I will strive to produce fun and informative classes so when I leave in December, the new teacher will have a competent and fast-learning class. I will leave an impression on my students as a caring and reliable teacher, always prepared and never letting them down whilst also acting silly. I will always ask for help when needed but also act upon my initiative to come up with new ideas to produce a positive and effective classroom setting.

To achieve everything, I will dedicate my time productively within a schedule that creates results, not stress. I will take on board everything I am taught by my managers, colleagues and students in all aspects of the job- be it a specific task, change of attitude or challenge that I am faced with, and produce quality work. In the beginning I will be prepared to meet failure, however by the end I will overcome it.


I am in my final month of my placement here at Spark and reading back on my mission statement, I can see that I have achieved what I originally promised myself I would achieve whilst at Spark. It has been an interesting six months but I have learnt so much about how a small business operates and now understand the true value of being accountable for your work and the work of others. To always strive to do your best, knowing that there will be bad days but continue to grow and improve. I would recommend this position to anyone who is looking to develop within the workplace because you receive the same amount of support and professional development as you give with your hard work, time and dedication to Spark. It isn’t an easy job and be prepared for unforeseen challenges but take them in your stride and you will look back at your time here with fondness and a new set of transferable skills.

What’s more is that my Spanish languages skills have improved massively. This is down to making the effort to speak Spanish whenever possible and also engaging with the Spanish side of Spark. I did two week’s worth of lessons, courtesy of Spark and also find myself speaking and writing Spanish a lot daily. Looking back on my first couple of weeks, I was so nervous answering the phone, worried that I wouldn’t be able to understand or articulate myself both grammatically nor professionally. Whereas now, I have no problem and there are days when I still don’t know what is being said but I feel confident to handle those situations. I definitely feel living in Andalusia is the best way to learn Spanish because once you understand Andaluz, Spanish is a breeze (sort of).

There are five things that I will take away from my Sparky experience:

1) Short term goals lead to long term success. Being organised now ultimately makes the difference to the end result.

2) Never see anything as a task, always an objective. This positive way of thinking really helps when you feel you aren’t achieving as much as you should be.

3) Never see anything as unimportant. This links to no.2 in the sense that you may not think an ‘objective’ is important in the moment but the overall outcome is affected by your attitude and motivation.

4) Take iniative. From Day 1, I was told to resolve issues myself. Yes, everyone is allowed to ask for help but only ask once you have exhausted all other forms of tackling the situation. There is no such word as can´t in the business world.

5) Don’t be someone that has to rely on others to get the job done. Be reliable and support your team by completing your daily/weekly/monthly goals. This is the key to operating a successful small business.

Poppy Millar

Poppy Millar is a languages undergraduate from the University of Bath and did our Spark Secretary Internship. Spark offers many types of work experience, check out our different work and study programmes here!

2 Comments on “Mission Statement and Final Thoughts- Poppy Millar, Spark Internship 2016

  1. Super Poppy. You can feel proud of what you learned and achieved. Continuing to display the attitudes you have learned here throughout your professional and personal life will take you far, I have no doubt of that. As with a positive, get it done attitude the world is truely your oyster.

    • Thanks Doug, I really appreciate everything you and Inge have taught me these past 6 months!

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