Mission statement – Esmée Bakker

Just graduated and ready for a next adventure I started to look at jobs outside of the Netherlands. Soon enough I found Spark and as the name says the connection was there. Spark was not completely new to me since my sister also did an internship here about six years ago. It was nice to hear that besides some small changes Spark remained the nice and safe space for students to come and learn English.
I started this adventure with four goals I will achieve in the next six months working at Spark.

In the 6 months at Spark, I will be a leader for the students at Spark. By being this the students learn the most, have a person they can look up to, and work on their goals. 

I will learn new professional skills to take them with me for further jobs. After graduation, I have the title: Leisure & Event manager but by adding teaching and organizing skills to my abilities I am a much more distinctive and skilled person. 

On a personal level, I will learn Spanish and use it in my day-to-day life. I am starting these 6 months in Spain with little to no knowledge of speaking Spanish. I will change that by attending classes, studying, and practicing. 

To achieve all these goals, I will push myself out of my comfort zone and be the best version of myself. I started this adventure on my own because I know I am very independent and have the right organizational skills for the job. In the upcoming six months I will show this to the people around me. 

– Esmée Bakker

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