I have read about an educational group that Spark is part of, what is that?

Spark is the Spanish part of an educational group made up of: TECS, the English Centre and Spark itself.  The English Centre is a bilingual private day school that has been providing excellence in English language school education for more than 40 years and is currently ranked as the best private school in Andalusia (as judged by yearly research done on private schools by national newspaper El Mundo).  TECS was formed more than 15 years ago to provide quality education as a Language Centre and summer camp organizer for both Spanish and English.  TECS was so successful it expanded from 1 language centre to 4 and from 1 summer camp to 6 in 2011.  It is renowned in Spain as one of the best providers of quality summer programmes and especially well known for its innovative approach to learning.  In 2010 Spark was set up to take on and further the Spanish programme being delivered by TECS.  Spark has as its educational objective replicating the success of its educational partners.

What advantages and disadvantages does being part of an educational group have?

In terms of disadvantages in all honesty I don’t think there are any that we can think of.  Although Spark is part of an educational group, it is also an independent company meaning it can choose its own path whenever it wishes in the interest and need of providing the best Spanish programmes possible. In terms of the advantages there are a lot; firstly Spark has taken the materials, experience and expertise of its partners into its running of Spanish programmes.  Secondly and most importantly, Spark is able to take and implement tried and trusted procedures which have been working successfully for its partners. Thirdly, Spark can benefit from new innovative ideas and technological development that its partners may make, just as they will benefit from those of Spark.  And finally, Spark, like all its educational partners has solid financial foundations.

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