El Puerto de Santa María Videos

A little bit of spice, wonderful El Puerto de Santa Maria is here for all to see.  Realise now why this is a top holiday destination for the Spanish?

Another wonderful El Puerto video.

Beautiful Cadiz.  Video showing the magical province of Cadiz at sparking best.

Check out this birds eye view of El Puerto de Santa Maria showing you images of the the whole city as well as some images of the 15km apx of coastline El Puerto has.

Such a pretty town, watch this video and see why!

Footage of El Puerto’s wonderful beaches

El Puerto de Santa Maria`s wonderful Feria del Fino, check out other cultural events.

Here is a video of a classic race between two boats: El Hispania and El Tuiga, that has been going on for over 80 years. This race takes place in El Puerto Sherry in El Puerto de Santa Maria and lasts for a week; El Semana Clasica!

This is a stunning video of the Province of Cadiz, which shows off just how amazing this province is, from Cadiz city it’s self, to Jerez de la Frontera, to here in El Puerto de Santa Maria!

And of course are own wonderful video about El Puerto de Santa Maria as a place to learn Spanish.

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