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El Puerto de Santa Maria is renowned for its exquisite cuisine. Whether its a “dorada al sal” (sea bream cooked in salt) at a “chiringüito” (beach bar), “secreto iberico” (iberian pork) at an “asador” (steak restaurant), chocos (cuttle fish) at one of the many seafood restuarants or just tapas that you fancy there is undoubtedly something for everyone of all tastes and for all price ranges. In general the price to quality ratio is excellent and if cuisine is your thing we guarantee El Puerto will not disappoint.

People from all over Spain (there is even a signpost in Madrid directing people to the restaurant!) come to El Puerto to eat at the “Spanish-famous” Romerijo seafood restaurants, where seafood is served traditional style on paper and eaten by hand. Even if you dont like seafood the restaurant is certainly worth a visit just for the cultural experience, as there is hardly a Portuense (person from El Puerto) who will not talk with passion about the experience of eating there. El Puerto de Santa Maria also has its own michelin star restaurante, El Poniente, which was judged by the New York Times as one of the 10 restaurants in the world worth a visit.

Another thing not to miss is the opportunity to “tapear” (going to eat tapas) with the local portuenses, as although the boom of tapa restaurants can be a noisey (portuenses arent the quietest of people!) experience, the passion the locals have for their food is inspiring, even to those who usually dont have a special interest in food. They will tell you stories about the local tapas, how they were cooked, what cut of meat it is and where the tapa name comes from… all fascinating stuff particularly when you are trying to understand that all in Spanish! When combining all this food with the local Duff, Osborne or Cabellero sherries (El Puerto is one of the homes of Sherry) or with a rioja wine recommended by a local, “tapeando” can be a truly entertaining and culturally invigorating experience.

There are so many great tapas bars and restaurants in El Puerto de Santa Maria, but below you can find some of our favourites but this is just a small selection so please dont hesitate to ask us for some more of our favourites:

In the centre:

Casa Flores, El Arriate, Romerijo, Pasta Gansa, Meson del Asador, Non solo Pasta

Around the hospital / Spark:

El Faro, Bar Jamon, 24 h Diner, Cantina Zapata, Foster’s Hollywood, Bar El Chovi

Towards Rota:

El Laul, La Cabaña

In Puerto Sherry:

La Blanca Paloma, Crefoundie, Restaurante Pantalán G

*** Check out tripadvisor on restaurants in El Puerto. ***

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