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At Spark one of the guiding forces behind our Spanish programmes is to approach learning Spanish from a fresh new exciting angle.  Our classes and methodology are designed to inspire the learner to enjoy their learning experience.  We strive for our learners to first gain confidence in the language, then to express their true personality through it.  We nurture their learning process understanding that learning Spanish is an emotionally challenging experience.

Everyone knows learning a foreign language in the country of origin offers the best opportunity to progress as quickly as possible. However, having the opportunity to use lots of Spanish outside the classroom is not the same as actually doing so, which  is why we at Spark have put time and energy into the creation of our fresh approach to learning Spanish. What factors give Spark this fresh approach to Spanish learning ?

      • Our innovative “español en acción” programme teaches students spanish language to use in a cultural event then set challenges that must be achieved through that event and our friendly rule of Spanish only means the amount of Spanish used is incredible, please check out the video above as images speak a thousand words…
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      • Bursting bubbles booklet: this innovative booklet is a compliment to the “español en acción” and sets additional challenges that student  try to achieve both inside and outside the classroom with the notion being that each student comes to school inside of their own language bubble and the ones that burst the most holes in that bubble to allow Spanish in and out are the ones whose level will progress the most. For example task 1 for a beginner may be successfully ordering your breakfast at the local bar and task 2  watching a move in Spanish.
        • Our location.  El Puerto de Santa Maria is an authentic Spanish coastial town and is a place where the Spanish themselves go on holiday, meaning it is a great place for integrating and getting to know the locals, somethign our teachers encourage by introducing you to their friends.  Our Spanish programmes are set up to make the most of this and integrating and getting to know the locals really happens at SparkSpanish.
      • Music also has an important part to play in our fresh approach and all our teaching staff are encouraged to use Spanish music as much as possible in class to stimulate learning and especially help students develop a natural connection with the sound of the language.

We are proud of our fresh approach to learning Spanish and believe they help our students to make the most of their experience as from our years of both teaching and learning languages there is no doubt that we have seen that the students who expose themselves the most to a foreign language are nearly always the ones who learn the fastest.

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