Scroll DownBelow is where past school group organizers and students who attended school group programmes with Spark can leave comments about their experience. The comments are all authentic and were either written on paper feedback forms or inserted directly here.

Take a look at our two school videos below one done with Tudor Hall England and the other with Harpeth Hall from the USA and see written reviews below.

Thanks to all our wonderful school groups for their contributions.

There was a really good atmosphere in the class and the whole school. Maybe I was scaled in a little bit too high, but when I look back, this was not a disadvantage. Our teacher Mario, did a… Read More

Alex Roelants (Belgium) Axel Roelands student review

There was a really good atmosphere in class and the whole school. 🙂 Our teacher Mario, did a great job (and José as well, especially in the cooking sessions). Alex Roelants (Belgium) – General Spanish Course Request Info

Alex Roelants (Belgium) Alex Roelants (Belgium) student review

My daughter spent 2 weeks at Sparks Spanish this summer and a wonderful time. She went on her own and the support she had was excellent. I felt very reassured that she was going to be safe, have… Read More

Ali Chapman (United Kingdom) Ali Chapman student review

My daughter spent 2 weeks at Sparks Spanish this summer and a wonderful time. She went on her own and the support she had was excellent. I felt very reassured that she was going to be safe, have… Read More

Alison Chapman

The teacher was very friendly and welcoming and I loved the conversational style of her lessons. We focused mainly on speaking and this has greatly improved my confidence. I stayed with a host family who were very welcoming…. Read More

Amaya Dellar-Moy (United Kingdom) amaya dellar moy student review

Organización fenomenal y monitores súper amables y profesionales. Muchísimas gracias por todo – fue fenomenal. Faye Harris – Spanish Teacher See photos of Arthur Terry Group Trip to Spain. Request Info

Arthur Terry – Faye Harris – 16

Thank you to Inge, Mario, Jose and Iris for their attention and hospitality. We had a great stay and will be returning. Joanna King – Spanish Teacher  See photos of Arthur Terry Group Trip to Spain. Request Info

Arthur Terry – Joanna King – 16

Excellent staff all round! Neil Coleman – Spanish Teacher See photos of Arthur Terry Group Trip to Spain. Request Info

Arthur Terry – Neil Coleman – 16

Excursions were the best part of the trip – a much more fun way to learn than sitting at a desk. Myles The chaperones were very good because they included everyone and always spoke to us in Spanish…. Read More

Arthur Terry – Students – 16

I’ve been to Spark for the past three weeks, had a great time! The atmosphere is amazing! The staff is really helpful and friendly, the teachers are very pa-tience and my classmates where really nice. The ac-commodation is… Read More

Bart van Aar (Netherlands) Bart van Aar student review

22 Comments on “Reviews of School Group Trips

  1. ¡Lo pasé fenomenal! Aprendí mucho: visité monumentos, comí la comida rica y juegé los juegos educacional. ¡Me gustaría volver!

  2. ¡Spark fue muy divertido! Me encanta apprender mucho Español. Jugamos muchos juegos y tuvimos divertido pero también aprendimos Español. ¡Los profesores fueron muy simpático!
    ¡Lo pasé bomba!

  3. Me gusta Spark porque apprendo mucho y la profesora es muy simpática. También, las excursiones es muy divertido.

  4. ¡Lo pase extraordinario! Fuimos muchos excursións, y todo el mundo, fueron muy simpáticos y graciosos!

  5. Me gusta mucho apprender Español con mis amigos. Todo el mundo fueron muy simpática y bastante útil. ¡Lo pasé bomba!

  6. ¡Lo pase bomba! Me gusta mucho apprender. He pasado tiempo fenomenales. Todo el fueron mucho simpático!

  7. Spark fue increíble! Los profesores fue divertidos y todo el mundo aprendimos mucho. ¡Lo pasé guay!

  8. I really enjoyed everything about my experience here at Spark. It was a really nice way to be immersed into the culture and to practice Spanish. I really thank Nico, Cecilia and Inge for all of their help and patience with us. I’m very glad I got to come to school here.

  9. I had the best time ever in El Puerto with everyone, my family and the people working at Spark were super fun and nice! I wish I could come back next week!

  10. Classes were so so amazingly helpful! I really enjoyed the whole experience and it definitely challenged my Spanish. I would reccommend it to anyone!

  11. Cecilia was fantastic! Classes were brilliant! One of the best trips I’ve ever been on! Thank you so so much!

  12. I loved this trip! One of the most improving and fun experiences I’ve had! I have gotten so much better at Spanish since coming here! The comparison of my Spanish before and after is actually incredible! I’m so pleased

  13. Cecilia was amazing! I loved her lessons especially about Argentina! My favourite thing about the trip was definitely the classes!

  14. The Sevillianas classes were SO FUN! It was nice to experience some typical Spanish Flamenco dancing! I understand so much more Spanish now and I feel comfortable speaking! I had an amazing week and it was way better than I ever imagined!

  15. AMAZING HOLIDAY! Everyone was so lovely and I’ve had such a great time! The lessons were so good! Andrea was an amazing teacher and it didn’t even feel like a lesson! Looking back I’ve learnt so much from it!

  16. It’s been a great trip- very well organised and the hospitality of the Spanish people here, particularly Nico, Eva, Laura and Pablo, and the festivity of Semana Santa have made it more special!

  17. In class the games we played were a really good learning tool and the Spanish teacher we had, Andrea, was really encouraging and charismatic! I feel my Spanish has definitely improved. Hospitality was INCREDIBLE!!! I would love to come back!

  18. ‘I loved my family. They were super sweet and made me feel at home. They opened their house to me and welcomed me with open arms. For that I am truly grateful. The activities we did with the Spark students [in the academy] were super fun! That was a blast.

  19. ‘My family were incredible! Everyone is so nice, and I’m going to miss them when I leave. I hope I can stay in touch. I also really loved the Spanish language games we played in class. My español has improved SO much more than it would have in a Spanish class at my school.

  20. ‘All of the students are much better [improvement of Spanish) and the combination of host families (excellent) and activities has been good for their confidence.’

  21. ‘My family was great and very welcoming. They always made sure that I was well fed, comfortable and genuinely enjoying my time… I was never bored… I believe that I have formed life long friendships here and I’m thankful that Spark has helped make that possible.’

  22. ‘I felt tlike a part of the family and I did NOT feel excluded from anything. The girls loved always interacting with me and were patient with my Spanish. I honestly could not ask for a better family. The parents were definitely my favourite, the girls were very nice but I am not used to having younger sisters and they always wanted to do stuff with me which is great. The Spanish classes were a perfect combination of fun and learning and I LOVED the Sevillanas classes.’

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