Alex Roelants (Belgium)

Axel Roelands student review

There was a really good atmosphere in the class and the whole school. Maybe I was scaled in a little bit too high, but when I look back, this was not a disadvantage. Our teacher Mario, did a great job (and Jose as well, especially in the cooking sessions). I feel there are missed chances in the activitiesbecause the region offers so many opportunities: visit to a flamenco night in a pena, visit to a bodega, churches, musea, the arena, … couldn’t see them all in such a short time..
But I must admit that the activities I participated in, where a great opportunity to talk Spanish and meet the other students and the teacher. The cooking sessions and the visit to San Fernando where top for me.

My Spanish definitely improved a lot and all the people working at Spark are just lovely.

Alex Roelants(Belgium)- General Spanish Course

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