Spanish Interns and Crew Members

We have two positions for Spanish applicants wishing to do a placement whilst at Spark. The Spanish University Intern is for students currently studying at university and needing to do a placement as part of their university studies. Normally these are candidates studying to be Spanish or English School Teacher in Spain but this need not be the case.

The crew member position is for candidates under the age 19 who are still at school and wish to gain some experience helping out with working with children. Normally these students also study in our English academy but this need not be the case.

Responsibilities of a Spanish Intern

  • Help out with Spanish classes, school group or adult classes.
  • Help out with English classes, kids or children.
  • Assist chaperones on excursions or on site cultural activities.
  • Do basic administrative tasks assisting with organization or preparation of school group programmes or english academy.
  • Cover staff members when they are sick (always in a supervised context).
  • Deliver classes under the supervised of a tuor.
  • Be a key member of our team contributing and participating as required.

Responsibilities of a Crew Member

  • Assist with kids English Classes on a Friday.
  • Assist with special events, for example: Halloween, Easter games etc…
  • As required assist with teen classes (always of a lower English level than their own).
  • In summer assist with our school group parties, for example on excurion or during cultural activities.
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