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Spark Spanish Language School

It seems amazing to think more than three weeks have passed since we at Spark received our first batch of eager Spanish students.  Our Spark team still fondly remembers the moment Annaloes, our first student to arrive, passed through the doors of our amazingly orange Spark building.  Since then we’ve had sooooooo many great moments but we at Spark had a little vote to decide our four most memorable ones:

– Jaap’s speech at our first awards ceremony was an especially heart warming one.  We here at Spark had put out heart and soul into making our first week a good one for our students, and we knew we had a few ups and downs but Jaap’s nice words just made us all feel it had all been worth it… MUCHAS GRACIAS JAAP POR DARNOS UNA SONRISA EN UN MOMENTO CLAVE.

Nico y Pepita

Nico y Pepita

– Another hilarious story was Nico’s love affair with ……… the peluche Pepita.  It started with a chance encounter in the street, then it was a little “ligando” (flirting) in the reception but the climax was the canción de amor (love song) he sang in his classroom…oh what a sweet couple they are.  PEPITA TE QUEREMOS.

–  Another nice moment was the trip to Cadiz with Anneloes, Katerina, Cristina, Vanesa, Kevin and Olena accompanied by our own lovely Almudena.  The Spark group had a great time seeing the wonderful city but the highlight was definitely Katerina using her newly learned Spanish in argument with a 5 year old girl about who could have their photo taken in front of a monument.  GRACIAS KATERINA POR SIEMPRE SIENDO UNA BUENA ALUMNA, TE ECHAMOS DE MENOS.

Certificates ceremony

Certificates ceremony

– Our final great moment was the singing night at the BBQ at the end of week 3.  It started with Stephanie’s truly wonderful singing repetoire and then continued with Nico’s equally talented guitar playing but the highlight of course was James and Kevin’s “I CANT EXPLAIN” which was followed up by 5-6 amazing “songs”(!¡) by Kevin… MUCHAS GRACIAS KEVIN POR HACERNOS REIR.

In summary it has been a start to Spark and we couldnt be happier about how things have gone.  It has been hard and tiring at times but we really couldnt have had a more fantastic bunch of students than we have had – MUCHAS GRACIAS A TODOS/AS.  We genuinely miss you all and would love to see you again at Spark so please know our doors and our arms are always open.

If you have other sweet stories, please dont hesitate to share them below in comments.  OS ECHAMOS DE MENOS.

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