“At Spark we will not promise you the best learning experience ever (only you can judge that for yourself) but we promise we will do the best we can to deliver the best experience for you.”

We care about what we do, we care about our students and we care about our programmes.

We have a passion for what we do and we believe in a personalised approach to make a difference to your learning, but most importantly to make your overall experience with us the best possible. We strive to create a friendly environment with a dedicated, professional and talented team who are always at your disposal to meet your educational, personal and cultural needs. We highly value feedback and opinions in order to adapt, add to and improve our services to ensure you have the perfect balance of language learning, cultural exposure and social interaction.

El Puerto de Santa Maria: a gem for learning Spanish

El Puerto de Santa Maria offers an excellent combination of factors for language learners: it has 5 fabulous beaches, many lively bars and restaurants, it is (with Jerez and Sanlucar) one of the three hometowns of sherry, it has many cultural sites and celebrations and it is very popular destination for Spanish tourism. Perhaps most interestingly of all, unlike nearby cities (Seville, Cadiz, Malaga), it is little affected by the influx of English speaking tourism, meaning that El Puerto de Santa Maria is a great place to learn Spanish without being too affected by the negative influence of the English language on your learning experience. However, dont worry because of the great coastal location, there are still enough (but not too many) “internationals” around in ever need a little “home contact”

We strive to be honest and sincere about all sides of your language learning experience

We believe that you should get exactly what we say you will get. On this website (especially FAQs and in our blog posts) you will find that we have thought out the product we deliver and that we strive to provide you with all the info you need about us and our Spanish courses and our programmes. We believe this honest and sincere approach is one that delivers the best language experience possible, one which aims to do our best rather than claims to be the best. Our online Spark Assistants you will find happy to answer any query whatever it may be.

We combine our solid foundations with our passion for innovation

Our experience in language education through our partnership with TECS and El Centro Inglés gives us solid foundations and provides us with the high standards we want to achieve in education. Added to that is our passion and sense of innovation which means that we never sit still but always seek new ways to engage and put Spark at the forefront of Spanish educational programmes. Spark combines the benefits of a bigger organization through our relationship with TECS (which means experience and efficient administration) with the advantages of a small organization (which is apparent in our personalized approach and the little details we implement).

Sparkville residency: a great place to make the most of your language experience

Sparkville‘, our onsite residency with 13 shared and private bedrooms offers you the unique opportunity to share your language experience in a homely environment with other students from all over the world. It caters for all your needs with a splendid rooftop terrace, kitchen blocks, a communal area and a mini-cinema, not to mention the luxury of having your own internet access. There is also a residency responsible who helps you feel at home and integrate with the other students as well as organizes nightly cultural events to help promote the usage of Spanish in the evening, one of our important goals of the Spanish programme. At Spark we place as high an importance on student integration and fulfillment as we do on learning and any student with us will sense that Sparkville has a special and caring atmosphere.

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2 Comments on “Why Spark Spanish?

  1. espero que Spark tenga el exito que merece a base del profesionalismo del empeño y de la amabilidad de todos vosotros. Larga vida y buena suerte. Abrazos, Herwig.

  2. I worked in El Puerto de Santa Maria a few Summers ago with TECS Summer Camp and I had one of the best Summers ever there. El Puerto de Santa Maria has it all, amazing culture, great bars, wonderful restaurants and fantastic beaches. There is no end of activities to participate in and endless places to explore. There is also a real captivating sense of the slow Spanish culture and history there.
    Whats more, was the level of professionalism and excellence that the management put into their language programmes was second to none. I learned more than I bargained for and I had an amazingly fun time doing so. I couldn’t recommend a more professional, innovative, educational, fun and all rounded language learning experience than with their new venture Spark Spanish : )

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