This weekend, four of us students here at Spark Spanish decided to explore the nearby city of Cádiz- ¡y qué buena idea! Cádiz is a beautiful city, with plenty to see and do – and, claro, lots of opportunities to practise Spanish with the locals. It’s also very convenient to get to, as the ferry (el barco o el ferry) only takes about 30 minutes from El Puerto de Santa María.  ¡Qué fácil es llegar allí!

One of the highlights of the trip was visiting the cathedral – la Catédral -, which also features a very high tower – una  torre – from which you can see spectacular views of the city.

Top of Cádiz Cathedral

Our entrada – ticket – into the cathedral also included a tour of ancient archaeological remains, some of which date back to 1000BC.  There was even a preserved portion of rabbit stew! ¡Qué raro!

También, there are many beautiful plazas – squares – and parques – parks – which are well worth a visit. ¡Vale la pena visitarlos!

Claro, doing all these things was not only a great day trip – it also provided us with ‘una buena oportunidad’ – ‘a great opportunity’ – to practise speaking the Spanish we’ve learned so far in our time here at Spark.

In a plaza

Not only that, but it’s amazing how many new words and phrases you learn even outside of class – for example, I learned that ‘caballa’ is not, as I thought, a female horse – it’s actually the word for mackerel!

Of course, la comida – food –  is an important part of Spanish culture also, and we couldn’t leave Cádiz without trying some delicious ‘tapas’ – and, of course, without taking advantage of another golden opportunity to speak Spanish with natives.

Group Photo, Cádiz

We also took the tour bus – like proper ‘guiris’ – which gave a great view of the city from the top deck.  ¡Qué vistas!

All in all, I would definitely recommend a trip to Cádiz to anyone studying here at Spark Spanish – it’s cheap (barato), it’s easy to get around (facil a navigar), and lot of opportunities to practise your Spanish skills.

¡Vale la pena, vamos!

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