This week at Spark we have a really action packed cultural programme with a cultural event being run every day of the week! ¡Qué divertido!

On Tuesday Nico will be taking our students in the Spark van to see the beautiful beaches at Sanlucar and watch the amazing sunset while sipping drinks and eating tapas, now doesn’t that sound wonderful?!

Our Español en Acción event this Wednesday is going to be cooking the famous Spanish dish, Paella, with one of our Spanish teachers, Lucia, in the Sparkville kitchen. A great opportunity to practice your cooking skills!

This Thursday we will be having a relaxing night of home cinema here in Sparkville where we will watch a Spanish film with our Spanish teacher, Ceci.

We have our usual Friday event of the Gourmet being run by our Spark Secretary, Orlaith, this Friday so our can let their hair down after a week of learning Spanish

And of course, as per usual, we have our welcome drinks with Inge and our Spanish teachers on Monday night to get to know our new students and give them a warm welcome to El Puerto. If you wish to come and join us please feel free to do so! Remember, first drink on Spark!

If you wish to join us for any of these events please do! Let us know if you are going to come by sending an email to info@sparklanguages.com

If you would like to see the full programme I have attatched it below. Have a Sparky week!

Spark Spanish Cultural Programme 09-15March 2013



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