Spark Deco’s Week is Over

Spark Bedroom

Spark Deco’s week is over !


After a stressful week, we finally did it! The key-word of the week: organization.

On Monday morning, I prepared my to do list for each weekdays and the list of what to buy. In the afternoon, excursion under the rain to find Brico Pinturas.   After 30 minutes walking, I finally found it in the corner of the street where the school is located… The week started well!
On the way back, heavily charged with a 4L tub of white paint and 2 2,5L tubs of grey paint, I drop the bag on the floor right in a puddle! Once back, ready with my old clothes, I moved all the furniture to the bathroom. Then, paintbrush in one hand, paint tub in the other, I started painting the wardrobe. First coat in white, second coat in grey… The day is already over! Mamma mia !!!!

On Tuesday, at 10:30, the Spark van was ready. Arriving at Ikea in front of that furniture forest, I realized that I forgot my list… Just keep cool… Everything will be ok… Finally, I bought everything needed for the room, and even more:

–       2 duvet and pillow covers for 6,99€ each

–       A bedside lamp for 4,99€

–       2 mirrors kits (4 square mirrors each) for 6,99€ each

–       Pictures in a frame to put on the wall for 9,99€

–       Grey curtains (12,99€), curtains bar (1,99€) and 2 tool kits (1,59€ each)

I also found for our own room a set of two mirrors for 8,99€ and little plates for the kitchen 1€ each. After fulfilling my second mission (buying table and chairs for the residence), we went to Leroy Merlin where I bought white curtains for 4,99€, pictures for 12,99€ and vanish for 9,45€. After putting the new barbecue (awesome !!!), we went back to Spark. Third coat of paint on the wardrobe. Oops forgot to paint the inside… Painting again: 1st coat, 2nd coat… The third coat will wait for tomorrow!

On Wednesday, Kevin joined me from 10:30 am to 2:30 pm. According to Bill Gates, we should always choose a lazy person to do a difficult job… because, he will find an easy way to do it. So Kevin was the right choice haha. We had so much fun in painting the wall in front of the door (in grey), the 3rd coat of the outside of the wardrobe and two first coats of the inside. However, it was quite an unhealthy day : eating carambars and French biscuits all day…

In Thursday, I applied the vanish on the wardrobe and started to paint the frame of the doors. Kevin finished painting the wall in grey and set up the curtains bar. In the evening, the room was nearly ready: painting on the wall, the curtains and the frame ok, curtains bar ok… All was perfect until I realized that the curtains were 3 meters tall although I needed only 2,10…  I ran to a sewing workshop and let them the curtains. They should be ready for the Friday afternoon. I paid the price for my mistake…

On Friday, I started work at 8h! Cleaning the floor from paint, also the skirting boards that hadn’t been cleaned since the wall has been painted for the first time, sweeping and mopping the floor… A bit afraid to use the electric drill but finally did it ! Hang the head board, make the beds, plug in the bed lamp, put mirrors on the wall… Time to take back the curtains! Curtains set up… Just remembered that I needed to add a spark somewhere in the room! I open the wardrobe, here are the hangers! Let’s go, two sparks on each! The room seemed to be ready… It was before Iris and Orlaith come into the room… Thanks to their wise advices, the room was now ready!

8:30 pm : Doug and Inge discovered the room… I let you guess what they think about it ! And you, what do you think?



If you want to see the pictures correctly, just click on it ! Have a look at the first blog post to compare the room before and after Spark Deco !

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One Comment on “Spark Deco’s Week is Over

  1. Hanna truly “sparked” the room, wonderful job wonderfully done. Congratulations 😀

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