Dutch Inauguration – Spark Yourself Orange!

Spanish people love their Royal Family. The Spanish version of the British Hello! magazine is the ¡Hola! magazine. In this magazine there are always quite a lot of pages about the Spanish Royal Family. This week, it’s not only about their Royal Family (Don Felipe y Doña Letizia) but more about The Dutch Royal Family.

Queen's-DayThe 30th of April is normally already a national holiday in honour of the Queen. The name of the ‘fiesta’ is Queen’s Day! Everyone in The Netherlands wears something orange (the national colour for The Netherlands). It is a real orange madness, often people even dye their hair orange for the occasion! There are lots of organised music parties and activities for kids during the day. On the 30th, The Netherlands is packed with happy orange citizens. In the big cities there are lots of boats in the canals. This year it will of course be extra special!

But why is this year so special?? Well, the current Queen of The Netherlands, Queen Beatrix (who is in fact 75 years old!) will be abdicating from her current position as Queen. This will be the last Queens Day most of us will see again! On the 30th April next week, her son, Prince Willem-Alexander will be crowned King in the capital of The Netherlands, Amsterdam, La Gran Coronación de Guillermo y Maxima de Holanda!

Spark has a lot of Dutch students and because of that we feel we want to celebrate this special moment with them! You too?

Spark yourself Orange ont the 30th! We will do the same!

Wieke Van Zijl

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