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School Trip to Spain

SparkSpanish and Home Education

Home education simply means students studying at home instead of in a school environment. Young children are usually taught by their parents, while teenagers usually study independently. It’s an unusual lifestyle, but one which works well for many people, such as myself, and one with many benefits — independence and self-motivation taught from an early age, more time with family, and an absence of a strict and unbending curriculum.

Studying abroad is an incredible opportunity for home educated students studying languages. Like schooled students, home educated students have the option of coming to study alone or study alongside work experience. Also the Exam Revision Course is specifically focused on helping A-Level, Higher or IB students perform to their best in those exams. Studying abroad gives a taste of life away from home and has many of the benefits of a school environment, such as regular classes and a chance to interact with other students, while still allowing the independence and personal feel of home education. Plus, there’s the chance to experience Spain in your free time!

When I first arrived here for a month’s study and work experience, I was struck by how similar Spark seems to be to what I had imagined university to be like. A variety of students attend class together and sleep in their own rooms, and everyone tends to get their own meals and go out together in the evenings. There’s simultaneously plenty of time for socialising and studying. That said, it’s neither as expensive nor as long-term as university, and I’ve found it a useful taster of what university might be like.

I’ve enjoyed the independence and the feeling of taking my first steps into the adult world while still having a hand to hold. I’ve also found the actual language studying extremely rewarding, due to the immersion experience and the Spanish being spoken in almost every situation. Overall, I’d recommend SparkSpanish to any language student, either studying from school or home.

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