El Puerto is El Pais’ top beach destination

El Puerto de Santa Maria beaches

El Puerto de Santa Maria is famed for its wonderful beaches, so much so that the population triples in summer from 90,000 to almost 300,000.  95% of those tourists are Spanish getting away from scorching central Spain.  The costa de la luz in summer can have temperatures as much as 10C cooler than inland Spain, so for example in August whilst it can be 40C in Sevilla or Madrid, El Puerto can be closer to 30C.  Add to this the fact that the beachers are made up of beautiful white sand, as opposed to stones like much of the Costa del Sol are just some of the reasons why Spanish tourism frequently chooses the Costa de la Luz and El Puerto over the Costa del Sol.  The 300+ days of sunshine means it is a great place to be all year round.  Dont just trust us when we say El Puerto de Santa Maria is a fabulous beach town, El Pais (a Spanish national paper) just judged one of El Puerto’s beaches as the top beach to visit during Semana Santa.  All of this combined with the friendly and vibrant locals makes El Puerto de Santa Maria a great place to study and learn Spanish.

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