What I have learned during my work experience in Spark

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Now I am at the end of my work and study program at Spark, which lasted three weeks. I was able to gather valuable work experience for my future, while learning Spanish and I got a first impression of an office environment. My abilities in blogging and foto editing have grown immense and if I consider to start my own blog, I will be well prepared. I’ve also learned to focus on my work and get it finished in a certain time, which was given to me by Spark.

I’ve learned that through hard work and discipline, I am able to push myself to my limits and overcome them. In the beginning of my work experience I was not sure if I will be able to accomplish all of my tasks well but by learning fast and with the help of the amazing team at Spark I was able to achieve my goals. I believe that over my stay, I was capable to become an enrichment for Spark and give my very best to fulfill my tasks well.

In addition I was able to make great friends and have an amazing time with them in Spark and El Puerto. I got the chance to get to know them very well and learn much from them. In return I hope that I was a friend and colleague that was just as helpful and friendly. The people that I got to meet and the Spanish culture that I got to explore were very impressive and gave me memories that I will never forget.

I am very glad that I decided to do this work and study program in Spark even though my Spanish skills were not so good in the beginning. My Spanish class helped me to create a good basic level and get used to hearing and speaking the language on a regular basis. My experiences and language skills have developed very fast in little time, which is incomparable to any other learning method at home. Thank you for everything Spark!

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