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My experiences as an intern at Spark in El Puerto de Santa Maria

I have been at Spark for six weeks and I am now at the end of my work & study program. In these weeks I have organized cultural events at Spark, wrote blogposts about these cultural activities and I went to the Language Fair in London as Spark’s representative. This fantastic progam at Spark provided me with valuable work experience abroad, while learning Spanish and experiencing the Spanish/Andalusian culture and history.
During my program I also updated the website page about the cultural events program, and pages with interesting information about El Puerto de Santa Maria: Why learning Spanish in El Puerto de Santa Maria, Things to do in El Puerto, and Things to do around El Puerto (if  you are interested, you can read them here).

A very interesting and useful experience, was my trip to London. In the middle of my program at Spark I went to London as Spark’s representative at the Language Show, a fair for schools and organizations with a passion for languages and culture. The perfect place to promote learning Spanish at Spark and the school tours to El Puerto.

Moreover, I met many kind and nice people at Spark. With them I explored El Puerto, which made my time at Spark an unforgettable experience. I love culture and history, and to discover this part of Spain in detail was amazing. Also, my Spanish skills improved rapidly in the meantime. I started with no experience and now I have a good basic level. El Puerto is the perfect place to learn Spanish, I recommend everyone to do a Spanish course at Spark.


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