Mission Statement: Work and Study in Spain – Anouk

By the end of my 18 weeks work and study programme, I will have achieved all my goals. Since this is my first real job, I will have much more experience after this. I will always listen and learn from my fellow staff and my manager. If I will teach, I will learn from the insights and knowledge of my students. I want my fellow staff to think of me as an enthusiastic, helpful and reliable colleague. My manager, Douglas Haines, will see me as a hard working and independent intern. I want both my manager and my fellow staff to say that I have inspired them and that by sharing each others experiences and knowledge we have achieved great things together.

My HU supervisor, Bregje Snel, will be able to see my progress due to our weekly contact and by my final report. She will see that I am more confident in working and will keep being confident when I am back at my University.  To acknowledge this progress, I will obtain a grade for my final report between a 7 and a 10.

After 18 weeks I will look back at my internship with a proud feeling. I will see progress in my communication/interpersonal skills, teaching skills and management skills. I will be more confident in doing assignments and I will not be afraid of failing and being creative. I will have my slightly narrow perspective changed to thinking out of the box. I will continuously challenge myself to face my insecurities, to help me be more confident and see progress in my personal development. Overall, Spark Languages will have given me more insight and experience to the business world and have helped me develop my personal skills.

To achieve all these things, I will work hard and always give 200 percent. I will take notes in meetings with my supervisor and manager, and I will reflect on these meetings every week to keep on improving. With making every day goals I plan to achieve development.  My focus will be on my personal and educational development. To do this I will have a positive attitude and I will be highly motivated to not only develop my own skills, but also to inspire and help develop people around me.

Anouk Sap

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