Mission Statement: Work and Study in Spain – Nicole

In my 3 week work and study programme at Spark I will learn what goes into being a successful and hardworking intern. This knowledge will be the base of my future work and life experiences. In this time I will be confronted with new things every day, that’s why miss communications and language barriers will be part of this experience. But I´m not afraid of facing everything that awaits me in the future. I will learn from every experience provided and grow as an individual.

During my stay I will break from my comfort zone. I will do things I´ve never done before or that I was afraid of doing. This will open more opportunities in the future and make me more open to the world. A big part of this is also becoming a valuable park of the Spark team. I will be viewed by the staff as a reliable and diligent part of the team. By reflecting on my own progress and objectives I will rise up to this role.

A big part of my stay is also studying Spanish. In my visit I will speak as much as possible. One hand this will help me to improve my language but on the other it will also help me to open up to others and understand their skill and knowledge. By opening up we can all benefit as a whole.

Looking back at my work and study experience I will be proud of all the things I´ve accomplished as the result of my dedicated work in Spark.

Nicole Sherstyuk

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