Cadiz – the oldest City in Western Europe

Hola, today, as your personal travel guide, I will tell you a few things about Cadiz and what you need to see!

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Before I start – I want to mention that as part of the cultural activities Spark offers a visit to Cadiz – and the more who join in, the better.

“What makes Cadiz so beautiful?”

For me, it’s the old parts of Cadiz that make it so beautiful! Just walking through the City is…wonderful

The old houses.. streets.. Cadiz is basically the definition of antiquity!

“What can I do in Cadiz ?”

1.) I would definitely recommend going for a Meal at a Spanish restaurant –

Try the fish in Spain – you will taste the difference!

2.) Go for a Walk through the Barrios like Barrio the Santa Maria –

it will blow your mind!

3.) Who doesn’t like shopping? In Cadiz are many small clothing stores –

with clothes which you wouldn’t easily find in your country!

Cheap prices and good quality – sounds more than perfect, doesn’t it?

4.) Hot day? Why not going to the beach and get a tan?

…last but not least…

5.) Cadiz Cathedral, Torre Tavira, Castle of Santa Catalina.. so many sights which need to be seen!

You will fall in love with Cadiz!

– ¡Ven a Cadiz!

And don’t forget a great way to combine visiting Cadiz is to also study Spanish in Spark 🙂

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