5 Reasons to Study Spanish

1.The world speaks Spanish!
There are so many people in the world speaking Spanish. With About 500 Million of native speakers worldwide it is one of the most spoken languages in the world. You can find native Spanish speakers in many different countries and continents all over the world such as Latin America, South East Asia, Europe and even Africa.

2.Spain is fantastic!
Besides its wonderful sunny weather, Spain has many beautiful beaches and cities to offer. Furthermore, the Spanish culture and lifestyle are totally contageous and fascinating. There are so much more aspects why you should come and visit Spain such as the food and the calm Spanish inhabitants.

3.Spanish is important when it comes to business!
As there are so many Spanish speaking people in the world, of course it is also an important language when it comes to business communication. On the other hand, many of the Latin American countries are rapidly-developing so that speaking Spanish is likely to become even more helpful in the future.

4.The Spanish literature
The number of literary masterpieces written in Spanish is huge!
If you learn Spanish, you can read books like “Don Quijote de de la Macha” and “Cien años de soledad” in their original language. Just imagine that!

5.Spanish is similar to many other languages!
Many Spanish words are derived from Latin and it is the same with many other languages such as French, German or Italian. This is the reason why it will become way easier for you to learn more languages when you start to study Spanish.

As you can see, there are many different reasons to study Spanish. So come and join our language courses at Spark where you can get to know the Spanish culture and the many beautiful places Andalusia has to offer while learning Spanish!

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