My Mission Statement – Noelia

During my two weeks being a Chaperone, I will be the best Chaperone I could be, encouraging myself to be confident, hardworking, organized and resolute so I will be proud of myself. Apart from this, working with children and teenagers is one of my passions and a reason to work here.

I know that to achieve the previous goals I must have a positive attitude and be energetic about everything.

My personal objective is to be perceived as a responsible, hardworking, trustworthy, organized, resolute, funny, kind, creative, firm, caring, honest and dynamic person because I can and I will be that person and much more.

My power statements are five that can be used at every job and in one’s personal life and one about the job. I will believe I can do anything. I will be resolute. I will always be organised. I will always face my fears. I will always think mistakes are opportunities to learn. And I will be the best Chaperone I could be.

I will be working every day to create the best version of myself.


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