My Mission Statement – Gisele

After having finished my work experience and spanish program here in Spark, I will have learnt how to deal with new situations and new people, such as how to connect and integrate myself into those new things. I will have achieved this by working on my social skills. Being able to deal with new situation is really important in life and it will help me to learn to step out of my comfort zone.

Moreover, I will have learnt how to be more open minded about new things and I will have achieved this by focusing on the project I will have worked on. I will have set goals I wanted to achieve and will have worked towards them. My plan is to repair and decorate the school with typical things for the countries Spark have a connection with. I will have stressed how important our connections worldwide are.

Furthermore, I will have improved my language skills in spanish. I will have accepted that learning new things, like languages, is always a process that includes not being shy and always trying to speak and even learning to fail, which is something I have to accept to achieve my goals.

The people I will have worked with will remember me as a kind, cooperative, hard working, friendly and funny person. I will have achieved this by always trying to communicate as much as I can with the people around me and asking for help if I have problems.

To summarise, I will have improved my language skills and reached every goal I had. I will have always tried my best to work out the project I wanted to do. And for myself, I will have grown as a person and will be proud of what I did.

Gisele Berghaus

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