Spanish course in El Puerto de Santa María

Why learn Spanish in El Puerto de Santa Maria?

El Puerto de Santa Maria is the perfect place to learn Spanish. It is located in Andalusia, in the south of Spain at the ‘Costa de la Luz’ coastline, in the Bay of Cádiz. You can find many beautiful cities in its surroundings, such as Cádiz, Sevilla, Jerez, Granada, Ronda, Córdoba, Málaga, Gibraltar or smaller cities such as the famous Pueblos Blancos or beautiful towns at the coastline. And El Pueel-puerto-locationrto itself has a lot to offer too! As opposed to the generally better known Costa del Sol and Costa Brava, the Costa de la Luz (‘Coast of Light’) is not known by most northern European tourists and is in fact one of the favoured coastlines in Spain for Spanish tourism, which takes the population of El Puerto from 100,000 in the winter to over 300,000 in the summer. Therefore, in El Puerto you can maximize the benefits of your learning, since you won’t find many people who speak English. El Puerto de Santa Maria is the perfect place to experience the authentic Spanish lifestyle!


History of El Puerto

El Puerto is a town with a rich history and culture. According to the legend told in the Odyssey of Homer, after the Trojan War a Greek man named Menestheus escaped with his troops through the Straits of Gibraltar and reached the Guadalete River. The group established themselves here and called that port Menestheus’s port. After the Phoenicians and the Romans set base in El Puerto, for a few centuries the town was an important Moorish port named Alcanatif, which means Port of Salt. Alfonso X of Castile conquered the city from the Moors and renamed it Santa María del Puerto. Today you can still find the elements of the different civilizations here in El Puerto, for example in the old castle, El Castillo de San Marcos. It is a well-known monument, since Christopher Colombus stayed there for some time, as Columbus’ second expedition to the Americas set sail from El Puerto de Santa María. Moreover, Columbus’ pilot, Juan de la Cosa, drew his world map (the first including the coast of the New World) in El Puerto in 1500.

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A Home of Flamenco and Sherry

Today, El Puerto de Santa Maria is known for its rich gastronomy its history and culture and is the home of famous Spanish poet Rafael Alberti. This area is also famous for the Flamenco and Sevillanas dancing (inspired by the blends of colourful rhythms in gypsy and north African music), and the bullfighting (‘corrida de toros’, which literally means ‘running of bulls’). Interesting fact: El Puerto has the third biggest bullring of Spain and actually it is the widest bullring in all of Spain! El Puerto is also one of the three makers of Spain’s famous Sherry (Jerez and Sanlucar are the other two), and it is the home of the famous ‘Osborne’ black billboard bull you can find alongside the roads throughout Spain.
El Puerto has lots to offer, take a look at the highlights of El Puerto!


El toro de Osborne

A gem for learning Spanish

The beaches, the perfect weather, the nice people, the beautiful surroundings, the history, the sherry, the culture, the food; it makes El Puerto de Santa Maria a gem for learning Spanish! Join Spark for a Spanish language course and discover the authentic Spanish culture in Andalusia. At Spark we also organize cultural events for our students to experience the Spanish culture and the life in El Puerto and its surroundings. Studying at Spark in El Puerto is not only learning a language, it is also learning a whole culture!


Discover El Puerto de Santa Maria with Spark!

Would you like to know more about El Puerto? Experience this beautiful city through our videos of El Puerto de Santa Maria and through our video about the experiences of our students.


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  1. I love el Puerto! I´ve been living there for a year and i have great memories of the city and the people!! lovely food, by the way!

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