Spanish Course Methodology

At the heart of all our programmes and courses is the passion of our staff for language learning and providing outstanding education. We take great pride in the way we provide education and strive to give the best through our carefully crafted programme and methodology.

Our Methodology 

We aim for a lot in our classes because we believe that learning a language is much more than just studying grammar or remembering new words. We know and recognise that learning a new language comes in many different ways and has many different faces and that every person learns in different ways.  Read More…

Fresh Approach to Learning

At Spark one of the guiding forces behind our Spanish programmes is approaching learning Spanish from a fresh new exciting angle. Our classes and methodology are designed to inspire the learner to enjoy their learning experience. We strive for our learners to first gain confidence in the language, then to express their true personality through it. Read more…

Our Spanish Levels

We offer classes in 6 levels, which are based on the CEF, the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages as established by the European Council. Here, you can see what is involved for each level and what you can achieve, and you can even test yourself and see which level you are. Read More…

Spark Accreditation

For both our Spanish and English department we need a variety of certifications to allow us to teach a language. Spark Languages is also an exam certified centre for Cambridge and Trinity English examinations. Read More…

If you have any more questions, or you would like to speak to one of our members of staff, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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