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The links below are to galleries in our SparkSpanish facebook but alternatively you can view them in our own photo gallery here.

Class photosDSC_0016

At Spark we offer a fresh approach of language learning. Our classes are designed to inspire the learner to enjoy their learning experience. To see more of our fantastic class photos click here.


IMG_20170705_143108.jpgCultural activities:

A collection of Spark´s cultural activities. This album contains photos of trips throughout Andalusia, an incredibly culturally rich area of Spain with much of what we think of being typically Spanish orginating from the area. To see more of these wonderful pictures click here.


Sparkville:IMG_0144Sparkville is our residential area and is on the second floor of the Spark Academy Complex.  Sparkville has a communal kitchen and dining area which acts as a great social gathering point that adds to the unique Sparkville atmosphere. There are also numerous social areas. To see more Sparkville pictures click here.


ElPuertoEl Puerto de Santa Maria:

Spark is based in El Puerto de Santa Maria, which is ideally located for the perfect Spanish language holiday experience. Its beaches, restaurants, bars and nightlife are famous throughout Andalusia and Spain. To see more photos of this wonderful city click here.


SAM_3991Around El Puerto de Santa Maria: A collection of photos around El Puerto de Santa Maria. This album contains beautiful pictures of Cadiz, Gibraltar, Granada, Seville and the magical White Villages (Los Pueblos Blancos). To see more of these wonderful pictures click here.



DSC_2369School Group photos: We offer offer special programmes for school groups with a variety of options and combinations available. We want to ensure that your school trip to Spain fits exactly to your needs and will be a truly memorable experience for both teachers/group leaders and students. To see more of our fantastic school group photos click here.

Day12_FCGredosSummer Camp photos: At Spark we offer some fantastic educational summer camps with our partner TECS. These camps are a great opportunity for young learners (6-18 years old) to learn or improve a new language in a completely different environment that offers much more than just classes. For some amazing photos: click here.

facade colourSpark Videos:

A collection of great videos of what goes on in Spark Spark Spanish. You can watch here also videos about our activities and classes. To watch our videos click here.


Weekly Photos:SAM_5596We also provide weekly photos so that you can remember what you did whilst studying with us! These photos are also a great way of seeing what you can expect if you chose to study at Spark! You can also see them on our Spark Spanish Facebook page!

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