Everyone knows that glossy advertising makes a big difference in the world we live in but we believe if you have made it this far past some of our gloss (which we hope you liked!) that you deserve to know – to understand – us as educators and as an organization and these FAQs are our honest attempt to provide you with the answers to the queries you may have.  Know if some aren’t answered, we would be more than happy to answer them in the chat room, by email or over the phone.  We believe that no language organization is the best but we know that those who honestly strive to do their best are likely to be better at what they do and we hope you get this sense of us because delivering an honest, and hence because of that approach, a very good product is our aim as a company and as individuals.

Please note that these questions and answers have been made up by a group of people (most Spark people but not all) and not just by one which is our attempt to best provide you with as many different things as possible.

If you haven’t done so yet, we suggest you read the standard information first as the FAQs take for granted a certain understanding of our programmes and services on offer.

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