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Summer Camps are a fantastic opportunity for young learners (6-18 years old) to learn or improve a new language in a completely different environment that offers much more than just classes. Our Spanish and English summer camps aim to provide our campers with lots of language input, sports, a complete and highly rated evening entertainment programme, weekend excursions, educational projects and many opportunities to make friends with other learners from all over the world. It further allows them to develop a positive attitude towards the new language. We aim to create educational summer camps that go beyond language education, but also focus on independence, social interaction and tidiness.


We operate 6 themed summer camps in 4 different venues, 1 for Spanish learners and 5 for English. These summer camps offer the opportunity to learn Spanish or English in full immersion environments. Each camp has its own learning style and different environment.


International Camp: Located in wonderful El Puerto de Santa Maria on the coast, this camp is the ultimate camp experience for learners of Spanish, offering the wonderful opportunity to learn Spanish with children from all round the world.  International Camp takes place in the same venue as our English camps for Spanish children — Family and Go Camp — meaning the camp offers a great opportunity for real language exchange between the campers.   In International camp you can follow a residential camp programme which mixes learning Spanish with sports, activities and evening entertainments.  Alternatively, you can live with a Spanish family and attend the camp for class and sports activities but spend evenings with the Spanish family.  Another option is to come with your whole family — see family programme option.

DAY CAMP: Also in this camp exists the option to attend just classes or classes and activity as a Half or Full Day Camper.



TECS Camp Gredos: This camp is in a country resort near Madrid with all the facilities for enjoying nature, adventure and comfort! Kids stay in wonderful cabins. Ages 7-14.

Little Village: This is the most intensive program: 100% English, no books, no classrooms and no grammar; only conversation and practice. Ages14-17. Beautiful ranch with cabin accommodation.

Magic Village: This camp is especially focused on practicing fluency through educational and cultural projects! Ages 10-13. Beautiful ranch with cabin accommodation.

TECS Camp Puerto: TECS Camp Puerto takes place in the same venue as International Camp (International Camp August only) meaning you have a great opportunity to practice English in real context. Ages 6-17.

TECS College: an experience which goes beyond summer camp and is the perfect bridge for teenagers soon going to university.  A life-changing experience.

Anglo Camp: in the north of Spain near the Picos de Europa. With residential accommodation in a wonderful area. Total English Plus.

All summer camps offer:

  • Lodging: in cabins, residence, campsite or rural hotel depending on camp.
  • All meals during camp.
  • 24 hours supervision.
  • A staff ratio varying from 1 staff to 3 campers to a max 1 to 6 campers depending on camp.
  • Qualified language teachers.
  • Office support line throughout campers stay.  24 Emergency contact number throughout.
  • Unique methodologies, including TOTAL English (only camp of its kind that guarantees 100% English), Full Immersion Spanish and English.
  • One offsite excursion.
  • Intercamp Competition (for all camps excluding Go Camp and Family Camp Gredos)
  • Laundry Service once a week.
  • Transfers to and from camp (addition costs for some transfers)
  • Camp T-shirts and bags.
  • Experienced, passionate and caring team.  Note every camp manager in 2013 had worked on our camps before and most for more than 5 years.
  • Level testing and analysis throughout.

View online our Spanish and English International Camp Catalogue

If you would like to receive more information, please don’t hesitate to fill out our contact form or if you prefer to contact us directly, take a look at our contact us page.

Videos featuring all 6 summer camps:

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  1. Hi. Interesting activity of the summer camps for our children. Spanish and English are languages that are booming. English has been in that ranking for many years, but Spanish is also rising many positions.

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