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Find out what the students and teachers thought of our School Group Programmes, and also take a look at our School Group blog posts and please dont miss our wonderful video below 🙂  If you’d prefer to see some reviews in pdf format you can see them via the link provided > School Group Tour Reviews. Also all the most up-to-date reviews can be found on our brand new school tour website.

There was a really good atmosphere in class and the whole school. 🙂 Our teacher Mario, did a great job (and José as well, especially in the cooking sessions). Alex Roelants (Belgium) – General Spanish Course […]

Alex Roelants (Belgium) Alex Roelants (Belgium) student review

There was a really good atmosphere in the class and the whole school. Maybe I was scaled in a little bit too high, but when I look back, this was not a disadvantage. Our teacher […]

Alex Roelants (Belgium) Axel Roelands student review

My daughter spent 2 weeks at Sparks Spanish this summer and a wonderful time. She went on her own and the support she had was excellent. I felt very reassured that she was going to […]

Ali Chapman (United Kingdom) Ali Chapman student review

The teacher was very friendly and welcoming and I loved the conversational style of her lessons. We focused mainly on speaking and this has greatly improved my confidence. I stayed with a host family who […]

Amaya Dellar-Moy (United Kingdom) amaya dellar moy student review

Organización fenomenal y monitores súper amables y profesionales. Muchísimas gracias por todo – fue fenomenal. Faye Harris – Spanish Teacher See photos of Arthur Terry Group Trip to Spain. Request Info

Arthur Terry – Faye Harris – 16

Thank you to Inge, Mario, Jose and Iris for their attention and hospitality. We had a great stay and will be returning. Joanna King – Spanish Teacher  See photos of Arthur Terry Group Trip to Spain. […]

Arthur Terry – Joanna King – 16

Excellent staff all round! Neil Coleman – Spanish Teacher See photos of Arthur Terry Group Trip to Spain. Request Info

Arthur Terry – Neil Coleman – 16

Excursions were the best part of the trip – a much more fun way to learn than sitting at a desk. Myles The chaperones were very good because they included everyone and always spoke to […]

Arthur Terry – Students – 16

I’ve been to Spark for the past three weeks, had a great time! The atmosphere is amazing! The staff is really helpful and friendly, the teachers are very pa-tience and my classmates where really nice. […]

Bart van Aar (Netherlands) Bart van Aar student review

I’ve been to Spark for the past three weeks, had a great time! The atmosphere is amazing! The staff is really helpful and friendly, the teachers are very patience and my classmates where really nice. […]

Bartholomeus van Aar (Netherlands) Bartholomeus van Aar (Netherlands) student review

I loved the cultural events! Above all was the bicicle – tour and the tour to Sevilla! The classees were great too. Our teacher was always very good prepared for the lessons. Using many different […]

Britt-Marie Finbom Forsgren (Sweden)

The region has so much to offer and offers a real alternative to the stereotypical “Britsville” close by. K. Vallely – Head of modern foreign languages See photos of BSB School Group Trip to Spain!

BSB – Kelly Vallely – 15 school trip recommendation

I did enjoy my time at Sparks, and got into a routine, the staff were patient, kind, fun to be with.  I also enjoyed the cultural outings that were organised. They were varied and I found […]

Christine Cole (United Kingdom)

Spark is a fantastic place to work and study. Couldn´t ask for a better group of people, location or atmosphere!! Cionna Evans (Great Britain) – General Spanish Course and later English teacher Request Info

Cionna Evans (Great Britain) Cionna Evans Student Review

This was our first venture to Spain with Year 6 and the trip was perfect from start to finish. The staff at Spark cannot be faulted for their friendliness, enthusiasm and dedication to giving the […]

Danesfield Manor – Helen Chalmers – 15

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the amazing trip you arranged for us. Everyone of us really enjoyed the whole week, and lots of that was down to your organisation and […]

Danesfield Manor – Richard Drew – 15

General Spark experience: Excellent! I enjoyed every moment. All staff were very helpful and polite. Mario was loads of fun and a great teacher! I feel I have made a good foundation for further learning. […]

David Norman (Great Britain) David Norman student review

Had a fantastic 2 weeks at Spark and learned so much. Intensive course was ‘muy intensivo’ but well worth it! Lovely helpful staff, and beautiful place to be. Atmosphere very relaxed and friendly. Thanks everyone! […]

Elaine Tovell (United Kingdom) Elaine Tovell student review

Well planned and interesting. Mario has always been very professional and helpful. The students are really happy and so are we with the whole experience. Muchas gracias por tratarnos tan bien. Anabel – Spanish Teacher See […]

Emanuel – Anabel Zaratiegui – 16

A very positive experience and we are keen to bring children again. Mario was excellent with our children, always enthusiastic, keen, involved and interested. Sara – Spanish Teacher  See photos of Emanuel School Trip to Spain. Request […]

Emanuel – Sara Williams-Ryan – 15

Mario was a very good teacher and I feel more confident after these lessons. Rebecca The classes have helped me improve when thinking off the top of my head in Spanish. Rebecca Me encantó que […]

Emanuel – Students – 16

Our lessons were very varied and pleasant. Our teacher Mario was excellent, a real “hit” ! I enjoyed the cultural events a lot but a specialized guide in the cathedral of Sevilla could have been […]

Eva Marne (Italia)

Ha sido un curso muy eficaz y divertido. Cuatro horas diarias con una profesora bravissima y simpaticissima. Ademas, muchas actividades sociales son disponibles para hablar español todo el tiempo. Spark Spanish rocks y El Puerto […]

Federica (Italia) Federica Spanish Review

I’ve really enjoyed studying here. The classes were the perfect mix of reading, speaking, writing and listening; and I enjoyed studying alongside other students, which gave the class more of a collaborative feel. I loved […]

Finlay Worrallo (United Kingdom) Guia en Bicileta durante mi curso de español

Thank you so much Spark! We all had such a great time out there, I’m so glad I chose to come with this organisation, it feels really worthwhile and such a great learning experience. The […]

Happy Student (Netherlands) Xiomara van Zalm student review

Wonderful location, nice food, very pleasant weather, great organization. D. Bonifaci – Teacher of Spanish and Italian See photos of Headington School Group Trip to Spain and read the Headington school blog post on their school tour in Spain.

Headington – Diana Bonifaci – 15 school trip recommendation

Fantastic trip, great accommodation and a lovely atmosphere. P. Wood – Teacher of Spanish and French See photos of Headington School Group Trip to Spain and read the Headington school blog post on their school tour in Spain.

Headington – P. Wood – 15 school trip recommendation

The Cádiz excursion was really entertaining! L. Harris I loved camera oscura! G. Thorne I found the bullring really interesting and the ferry ride was lovely with a great view. E. Roberts I loved the […]

Headington – Students – 15 school trip recommendation

Really well organised, very friendly staff and they were very flexible and responsive to our needs. Thank you Mario and Inge, you have been wonderful. Anna Bellera – Spanish Teacher See photos of Headington School Trip […]

Headington School – Anna Bellera – 16

The Spark experience was superior to all my previous French and Spanish language school trips with KS3/4 students – much more personal and attentive. Louisa Orr – Spanish Teacher See photos of Headington School Trip to […]

Headington School – Louisa Orr – 16

Excellent communication in the run up to the trip. We have had a wonderful stay here, thank you so much for the organising you have put into this!!! Primrose Wood – Spanish Teacher See photos of […]

Headington School – Primrose Wood – 16

One of the best things of our programme was being given time to walk around the town, go shopping by ourselves and go to the beach. Lizz The classes helped me learn a lot more, […]

Headington School – Students – 16

Nice to be in a very small class. More chance to speak and easier to do in front of not many people. Teacher very encouraging. I still struggle with the listening and speaking but much […]

Heather Haines (United Kingdom) Heather Haines student review

El equipo de Spark es muy amable y atenta! Estudiar en Spark estuve una experiencia muy rica, aprendi muchisimo! El profesor, Mario, tiene un entusiasmo, una energia y mucho capacidad para ensenar muy bien espanol. […]

Jeannine van Brussel (Belgium) Jeannine van Brussel student review

El equipo de Spark es muy amable y atenta. Estudiar en Spark estuve una experiencia muy rica.Aprendi muchisimo.El profesor, Mario, tiene un entusiasmo, una energia y mucho capacidad para ensenar muy bien espanol.Hablar solo espanol […]

Jeannine Van Brussel (Netherlands) Jeannine van brussel student review

…El Puerto de Santa Maria is still undiscovered by mass tourism. Therefore, it is authentic, affordable and above all very Spanish. So it’s ideal to learn the language. The second reason why I would recommend […]

Jelle Steemers (Netherlands) JelleSteemerStudyingSpanish

He aprendido muchisimo. Mi profesor, José Ignacio Palomero, es un profesor genial! He conocido algunos profesores en mi vida y José es sin duda el mejor y el mas amable. Vivir en Sparkville Residence también […]

Jelle Steemers (United Kingdom) Jelle Steemers student review

Spark is a great place to work with very helpful native spanish speakers and wonderful native english speakers. The spanish side is wonderful and its great to see the students adapting to another culture! Keep […]

Joe Martin (USA) Joe Martin review Spark

¨My first week with Ana was very productive as it gave me a reasonably comfortable start into learning a language again after decades of not really trying to improve my Spanish. The second week Gema […]

Johann Georg Riecker (Alemania)

Extremely well organised – thoroughly informed, accommodation good, dealt with issues professionally + thoroughly until they were resolved. A. Dickinson – Head of MFL See photos of King’s High School Group Trip to Spain and read the King’s High school […]

King’s High – Anne Dickinson – 15 school trip recommendation

In our host family we got to try traditional Spanish meals that were delicious. S. Brown My host family was really kind and although they spoke good English, they helped me with my Spanish. E. […]

King’s High and Warwick – Students – 15 school trip recommendation

Spark is taking my Spanish to a new level. The teachers and staff there are muy simpáticos. If you don’t know what that means, then instead of Googling it, why not give Spark a try. […]

Kristen Smith (USA) Kristen Smith Student Review

¡Me encanta mucho en Spark! Las gentes son muy amables y Spark es màs una familia. La escuela es muy bien para aprender lenguas y tambièn para visitar la ciudad y conocer gentes. Laura Kniejski […]

Laura Kniejski – Germany

Great place to study Spanish – classes are really personal and suit everyone, residence is a fun place to live and El Puerto is a good location to practise spoken Spanish! Lauren Ní Bheacháin (Ireland)- […]

Lauren Ní Bheacháin (Ireland) Lauren Ní Bheacháin student review

Muy bien con lecciónes variados. Por ejemplo juegos, escribir anuncios para vender unas cosas, escuchar musica etc. El edificio de Spark era muy bueno y cerca de todo. Todo la gente que trabaja en Spark […]

Lizzie Strömberg (USA) lizzie strömberg student review

He disfrutado mi tiempo en la escuela enormemente y también en mi familia anfitriona. Recomiendo la escuela a todos que les gusta aprender el español y conocer personas simpáticas. Los métodos de clase son muy […]

Loreena Rech (Alemania)

My daughter and I just spent a wonderful week staying and learning Spanish at Spark. This was our second visit, though our first staying in the Spark residence.Here are some of our favourite things about […]

Lucinda Leo (United Kingdom) lucinda leo student review

Excellent support, if the teaching is as good as your admin support then my kids will be fluent in Spanish in no time! 🙂 Lucinda Turck (Great Britain)- Intensive Spanish Course Request Info

Lucinda Turck (Great Britain) Lucinda Turck student review

Cordie loved her class and learned much more than we’d hoped. Thank you! The room was fantastic. Everyone was really helpful and friendly, as usual. 🙂 We really enjoyed the welcome drinks which helped us […]

Lucinda Turck (United Kingdom) Lucinda Turck student review

My week at Spark Spanish school exceeded all expectations. The staff and teachers were really welcoming and accommodating. I learned a lot of Spanish in a week and classes were fun. Cultural activities on offer […]

Lucy Westenra (New Zealand) lucy westenra student review

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