Spanish Teaching Positions

At Spark we offer Spanish teaching positions combined with other responsibilities like client attention, receptionist work, group chaperone and school group coordination. Below is a general guideline to the types of positions we have, however please note usually the roles of the positions overlap, especially in quieter moments of the year.

Spanish Teacher and Language Centre Receptionist

This position’s primary function, apart from teaching Spanish on a daily basis, is to coordinate Spark’s client attention in our English Academy. However, as we are small intimate team, this position, like all Spark staff, is also involved directly in other areas as well as helping out in the many daily tasks that come up in a dynamic small company.

  1. Morning: Teach classes daily in the Spanish Adult language department.
  2. Afternoon: Be the main client attention coordinator for the English academy, attending Spanish parents at the reception and by phone as required.
  3. Afternoon: Oversee the inscriptions and payments for our English department.
  4. Afternoon: Assist in any sales projects as assigned for our Spanish department.
  5. Afternoon: During summer when the English academy is not running, the afternoon is mainly taken up with organizing cultural activities and teaching additional classes.
  6. When we have more than 1 group and/or when needed this position will also act as a chaperon for our school group programmes.

Read the full job profile for ELE teacher and Client Attention.



School Group Chaperone and Trip Coordinator

This position’s primary function, in addition to teaching, is to coordinate the Spark Spanish school group programmes, acting as chaperon and doing the bookings and other organization prior to the group’s arrival.

  1.  Run School Group trips to the highest standard possible as a chaperone and programme organizer.
  2. Organize all activities, lodging arrangements and visits for any school trip.
  3. Be in charge of all external supplier communication and organization and
  4. Organize and communicate with host families for visiting students as well as au pairs or demi pairs.
  5. Assist in any other area as required when there are no school groups.

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SpanishTeacher + Cultural Events + Adult Arrivals

This position’s primary function is to teach Spanish classes, organize and run most of our cultural events for our students and do pick ups and drop offs on Sundays (summer only). When needed this position might also be involved in the running of school group visits.

  1. Morning: Teach daily classes in the Spanish language department as assigned.
  2. Afternoon: run cultural activities as assigned. Do level testing and other class assignment and programme tasks as needed.
  3. Afternoon: teach afternoon and evening classes as assigned.
  4. Sundays: Summer only do transfers, welcome new students upon arrival and do check-ins and check-outs on a weekly basis. Also on occasions cover for other staff doing this in non summer moments.
  5. When we have more than 1 group and/or when needed this position will also act as a chaperon for our school group programmes.

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School group Chaperone and Teacher

Act as a school group’s chaperone, teach any Spanish classes as assigned and be in charge of any supplier bookings and logistics.

  1. Teach Spanish classes as assigned.
  2. Run excursions, city trips and other activities
  3. Deal with suppliers, host families and other logistics

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Teach any Spanish classes as assigned to mainly secondary school students, at times primary school students and / or adults.

  1. Teach Spanish classes as assigned.
  2. Prepare classes and complete and admin related to the classes
  3. Communicate any issues or problems to the school group chaperone or the Director as soon as possible

Read the  full job profile for Spark ELE teacher of Spanish job profile


Type of candidates we look for

At Spark we pride ourselves on our people development skills. Therefore we like to find young talented individuals, looking to not just be a teacher but also use other skills they have. We are a hard working but very supportive team and look for candidates who believe in these values. We seek to reward capable individuals who want to prove themselves by contributing more to our mission, not just monetary but also with opportunities to bring out their hidden talents at an early age.  In all positions, an intermediate level of English is required. It is more important to us the candidate have a desire to self-develop than it is they have experience, although of course the later with the former is preferred. For more about us refer to our values and vision page and to “who we are pages” on Spark Spanish site.


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