If you are unaware of Spark’s location, you can find full information on how to get to Spark via the link provided. Important info:


  • Students always need to confirm arrival times in order to guarantee a Spark staff member or family will be there to meet them. This is regardless of requesting a pick up. You can do this via this form.

Confirm Arrival Time

*   Terms of Conditions of Pick Ups and Drops Offs:

  • For Adult students (including work experience) staying in the residence, pick ups from Jerez airport are possible in August or September.
  • For students staying with families or doing the demi-pair programme, picks up are possible to request from the family from Jerez airport or El Puerto Train Station.
  • The A-Level Revision Courses (Spanish Exam Course) offers a pick up service from Jerez airport, El Puerto Train Station and Sevilla Airport.
  • Drop off are only possible to request for A-Level Revision Courses (Spanish Exam Course).
  • Any pick up request must be communicated 10 days ahead of time.
  • If you are arriving in a group together (not people who don’t know each other), any additional person will pay only half of the standard transfer cost, as long as you communicate this to us ahead of time.

* Only operate in high season: July to September.

* Pîck ups from Jerez Airport are just 40€ and pick ups and drop offs from El Puerto de Santa Maria train station are just 10€.

* All transfers are available between 14.30-23.30 on Sundays, before or after your course  We can not guarantee there will not be short waiting period if we are doing another transfer at that time.

* You can arrange your pick up on your application form during payment or by requesting in via the arrival form.

If you are coming during the rest of the year don’t worry as getting here is easy, check out “how to get to Spark“.  From 14.30-23.30 we would have a Spark staff member waiting for you in Spark ready to show you your accommodation and give you our special Spark welcome 🙂 but please do remember you do need to warn us of the arrival time.

Request Pick Up

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