La Feria del Vino Fino en El Puerto de Santa Maria!

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Typical Feria Dresses

The Spaniards are known for their party spirit, and La Feria is no different! This is a week of dancing ‘Andalucian Style’, drinking beer and eating amazing typical Spanish food! What more could you possibly want?!

Every town in Andalucia has its own feria or fair, and it would be possible, if one had superhuman powers of endurance, to spend the whole summer following them around the region.

The first feria takes place at Seville in April (two weeks after Semana Santa) and the last is at San Pedro de Alcántara in mid October. La Feria in El Puerto de Santa Maria is the next feria to take place after La Feria de Sevilla, usually the week after.


La Portada de La Feria!

The history of La Feria dates back to the middle ages, and was the principal means of interchange of local products within town and cities. This soon developed into an anual party where everyone comes together to enjoy their time together. There are themes for each day of La Feria, one being Ladies night and another dedicated to work socials where you and the people you work with have a day together socialising at the Feria together. It is truly a festival to represent togetherness and fun and relaxation as a family or group of people.

Why not read the experiences of one of our previous Spark Sec’s at her first ever Feria De Vino Fino en El Puerto de Santa Maria to find out first hand what this amazing festival is really like!

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