School groups tour to Spain video

School Tour Video to Spain

Spark offers customized school group tours to Spain. The school group programmes include (optional) Spanish classes and cultural activities or city trips. The Spanish classes can be completely catered to needs of the students and there are many cultural activities and city trips available to choose from. This video gives information about the school group programmes and what kind of activities Spark organizes. Also it gives information about the different accomodation options for school groups. In this video I followed and filmed the students from Tudor Hall School from England who were staying with Spanish families. I have gone with them to all the activities they have done and visited two of the Spanish families to see how the students´ experiences were. Both families invited me for dinner and it was really nice to see how the students adapted to the Spanish way of life. This video was probably the most fun one to make, because I was actually involved with the school groups myself joining them during the activities and seeing them enjoy their time here in El Puerto!

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