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¡Hola! Me llamo Suzanne. I am a student and intern at Spark for the next six weeks, to improve my Spanish language skills and to gain valuable work experience in Spain. What I like most, is that I can combine my study programme with a work experience programme. Moreover, I will work in an area I am really passionate about – Spanish language and culture.

What I am going to do the next weeks? The Spanish language classes run from 10.00 -14.00 and after the classes I will work at Spark 3 to 4 hours per day. Every week I will organize an activity, a Spanish cultural event in El Puerto de Santa Maria or a city nearby. The other students can join these activities to experience Spanish life and the surroundings of El Puerto de Santa Maria. Besides, I will write about these activities in blogposts.  I hope that more people will get to know Spark and I hope it will inspire more people to come here and learn Spanish at Spark while enjoying the culture of Andalusia.

On Monday I had my first cultural activity as a student, we went out for a local lunch nearby Spark and we had some delicious tapas and a refreshing drink. On Wednesday we went to Arcos de la Frontera, a beautiful village in the mountains that is known for its cute white houses. It is one of the many white villages, which are called Los Pueblos Blancos and I reconmend everyone to take a look there!

Already interested? The first activity I will organize as an intern at Spark, will be a drink at Playa de las Redes, one of the beautiful beaches at El Puerto de Santa Maria. But more about that in my next blogpost! Hasta luego!

Cultural event Spark Arcos.jpg

A cultural event with Spark at Arcos de la Frontera

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