Interview with a Student: Finlay

Playa de las Redes El Puerto de Santa Maria

Spanish Course from a Recent Student’s Perspective

Is this your first time at Spark?

It is indeed

How long has your stay at Spark been this time?

Four weeks

Which country are you from?


What has been your reason for coming?

To study Spanish in preparation for my A-levels, to do work experience, and to practise travelling to a foreign country by myself

What have you enjoyed the most?

The supportive and friendly staff, the wonderful weather, having the independence to go out by myself and do my own shopping, and the noticeable amount my Spanish has improved

What has surprised you the most?

The diversity of both the staff and the students — I’ve met people from Spain, Germany, Holland, the USA, Canada, Northern Ireland and Italy while staying here

What advice would you give to someone coming to Spark for the first time?

Speak as much Spanish as you can. Talk to the other students as much as possible and get to know them. Buy your groceries from local fruterías (grocers). Don’t do anything tomorrow that you could do today. Aim to be tired and happy when you get home — you’re not here in holiday, you’re here to study and experience Spain!

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