Cultural activities with Spark, a trip to Cádiz

On Saturday we went with a group of Spark students on a daytrip to the wonderful city Cádiz. Spark organizes cultural events for students to experience the Spanish lifestyle here in the Cádiz region, which give Spark students a total package of learning Spanish. Since Cádiz is not only the capital of the province Cádiz but also the oldest city of Europe, it is a must-to-see during your stay in El Puerto de Santa Maria. We took the boat at 12.50 pm across the Bay of Cádiz and because of the sunny weather we enjoyed a nice boattrip and a beautiful view.

Getting to Cádiz we made our way across the Plaza San Juan de Dios to the Catedral Nueva and visited the cathedral and the tower which offers an amazing view across the white roofs of Cádiz and the sea.  After the visit we walked through the tiny streets to the Plaza Torpete, also called the Plaza de los Flores, and the Mercado Central. Here we went to a beautiful little Patio, to have a typical Spanish Lunch. After Lunch (typical Spanish time, means 5 pm) a part of the group took the boat back to El Puerto de Santa Maria while the other part decided to enjoy another couple of hours of Cádiz’ cozy atmosphere. We went for a walk along the seafront of Cádiz to the old Castillo de San Sebastián which offers a great view on the coastline of Cádiz and then back through the old fisher´s quarter La Viña to the Mercado Central stopping at some of the little typical Spanish stores to do some shopping. The sun went down and when we got back, the Plaza San Juan de Dios was beautifully lighted. Taking the ship back to El Puerto de Santa Maria at 8.30pm we got to see the lighted Cádiz and the cathedral from the seaside which provided a perfect end for a great day.

The trip to Cádiz was not the only cultural activity last week. On Monday we went out for welcome drinks and had tapas in one of the many nice tapas bars in El Puerto, Bar AVENIDA. Every week we try to go out for lunch at a different bar, so that our students will get to know the rich cuisine of our beautiful city and will explore more of El Puerto de Santa Maria. On Thursday we went out on a trip to Chiclana de la Frontera, a beautiful city in the Cádiz region with a great history and beaches to suit every taste. So, it was a week of great cultural events!


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