My Mission Statement – Magdalena Rudnicka

My mission statement describes my goals that I aim to achieve while on my work placement at SparkSpanish in El Puerto de Santa Maria 🙂

Work & Study: What I have learned

I have been at Spark for six weeks and I am now at the end of my work & study program. In these weeks I have organized cultural events at Spark and wrote blogposts about these cultural activities and Spanish culture and lifestyle here in El Puerto and the Cádiz region. This fantastic progam at Spark provided me with valuable work experience abroad, while learning Spanish and experiencing the Spanish/Andalusian culture and history.

study spanish by the beach

Why study at Spark? Reason 1

Spark is located along one of the most marvelous stretches of coastline in not only Spain but probably Europe. The Costa de la Luz, unlike the nearby Costa del Sol, is relatively unknown tourist spot for Northern Europeans meaning not only do you get the sunshine but you also get Spanish learning experience in an area where little English, or other languages, are known.

Farewell Tudor Hall High School

School Groups in Spain – Farewell Tudor Hall High School Tengo que admitir que la semana vivida con este grupo de chicas y sus profesoras ha sido sĂşper enriquecedora para mĂ­. Éramos un grupo grande de solo chicas… Read More

Farewell Wymondham High School

School Groups in Spain – Wymondham High School Cuantos momentos vividos, cuantas experiencias y cuanto tan bueno. Esta semana ha sido super completa y emocionante, para mĂ­ un placer haber compartido con el maravilloso grupo de Wymondhan High…. Read More

British School Brussels 2013

School Groups in Spain – British School Brussels ¡Hola Chicos! ¡QuĂ© sĂşper semana! Hablando muchĂ­simo español dentro y, sobre todo, fuera de la clase. Andando por El Puerto de Santa MarĂ­a, conociendo a sus personajes, comprando más gafas… Read More

Farewell King’s Warwick School

School Groups in Spain – Nuestra Viaje! Lunes 25 de marzo: El Puerto de Santa MarĂ­a En la mañana fuimos al centro de puerto, era muy bonito. Luego comimos en la plaza. DespuĂ©s fuimos a bodega caballero y… Read More

Farewell Headington School

School Groups in Spain Farewell Message ¡Ole Chicas! Fue una semana muy guay y sĂşper intensa. IntentarĂ© escribir unas palabras sobre esta gran semana en El Puerto de Santa MarĂ­a. Llegaron al hostal Baobab luego de un viaje… Read More

School Groups in Spain – Clear Lake School

¡Hola Chicos! I just want to put some words to these great dĂ­as en El Puerto de Santa MarĂ­a. It was been fantastic to meet you at the Plaza de Toros. Fue muy gracioso ver las caras de… Read More

The Spark Film Quiz

Can you translate these famous movies from their Spanish names into their original titles? [poll id=”20″] [poll id=”22″] [poll id=”25″] [poll id=”23″] [poll id=”24″] [poll id=”21″] Get more Spanish trivia games in your inbox by signing up to… Read More