Mission statement – Katalina Nau

As a French and Polynesian girl, I have always enjoyed discovering different cultures and traditions, including learning a foreign language.

Thanks to the warm welcome from the Spark team, an adventure is opening up for me. I discovered the beautiful Spain and the authenticity of its inhabitants but also a competent and motivated professional team and a perfect organization.

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Being better can be defined in many ways, depending on the situation, like for example, when I want to be the best in class, to win a competition, or to have much better results than the previous ones. Furthermore, when I decide to be better, it means that I already have a goal or a project to achieve. In other words, to reach the desired destination, I must take the right flight.

At Spark, as well as any other professional sign, being better is a process that requires a positive and ambitious mind, but above all, self-esteem and perseverance.

I think success in life is when I manage to accomplish a challenge by myself, through my own efforts and without anyone’s help. Success without hardship is not success. Success is when I meet difficulties, no matter how hard they are, but know how to overcome them and persevere until I win my own battle. In professional life, success is when I learn from someone, and then thanks to this support, evolve by myself within the team.

Churchill once said that accountability is the price for success.

As said before, success is not an easy path, and as I am a member of Spark Team, my goal is to fulfill my responsibilities, but also knowing my limits, my wrongs. I must show the team Spark that I am in, I must be positive, show how respectful I am, be active and hardworking. Even small things like saying “good morning” or “hola” are the best way to start this adventure.

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At the end of this internship, I want to leave a good impression with the Spark team members. My goal is not to show that I am perfect at everything I do, but to apply what I learn. I want them to know that I am here, I want to give my support, whether morally or in actions, and to demonstrate my sincerity about teamwork. In my opinion, a team that does not get along is not going to get anywhere.

At the end of July, I want my few colleagues to be aware of my motivation and not regret their decision of choosing me, having me integrate their “house”.  I want to make others inspired by my motivation during these few months within Spark team, I want to show them that everything is possible when you really want it, and have the desire to get it. I also want them to see that this experience has been rewarding: first, because I learned more and practiced my language skills, secondly, because I played a role within Spark.

I will always be positive when I am facing a long day because I signed for this and that is part of working. Also, being focused on the good points, the more things there are to do, the more I learn new things and time seems less slow.

I will always help my colleagues, whether they ask or not, mainly when I see that they need it but don’t necessarily ask. Teamwork is one of the basic points in the working world, we should help each other because we are like a family, especially in Spark.

I will always do my best to meet the expectations of Spark team, when I am facing a case that I cannot solve on my own, that is a way to test my autonomy abilities.

I will always be careful in what I have been assigned to because it is like creating a website, a single letter added by mistake can completely change the desired appearance. On one hand, I create problems for my colleagues, on the other hand a person can be seriously affected because I did not pay attention.

I will always turn on my colleagues when I hesitate because I feel like I am disturbing. Asking for help is better than doing something poorly on our own. I will always be confident of my abilities when sometimes, I am doubting myself and thinking that I am of no use for the team. If I want to spread positivity and support my colleagues, I should start by believing and taking care of myself.

Katalina NAU

3 Comments on “Mission statement – Katalina Nau

  1. Don’t expect anything from anyone ! Just believe in yourself, because YOU can do IT ❤️ Fighting Unnie 🫶🏼

  2. Bon courage soeur 🩵 tokaga ki lau taka i lena 😘 Groos Bisous Miss youuu 💙

  3. Great mission statement Kathy. We love you with us.

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