Mission Statement Sophie

After the three weeks in Spain, I will have improved my Spanish, especially my speaking skills. I will have improved those through conversations with my host family, but also with the team of SPARK, like my spanish teacher. To overcome this language obstacle I will have learned: I can do it, because I think I can do it. Furthermore, I will not fear failure, because I can only grow and learn through failure.

But I won’t only improve my language skills, but also my already developed organizational skills. I will always give my best. This is important for the projects at SPARK, because I will work a lot independently, just like later in the “real” professional life. It is important to create a time plan, to reflect it and to be able to change it.

By end of my work and study programme, I will also have learned to be more self-confident. Self-confidence is an significant feature to develop myself and to learn more about my skills and to share my experiences.

After this time my fellow staff, my manager and my self will see Sophie as an open minded, organized, responible, polite and hardworking girl. Therefore I will always think positively, doing my projects with attention to every detail and a positive mindset. If there is a problem I will be able to find a solution, through the use of my creativity, through teamwork or “just” through communication.

On the whole I will learn more, explore more and develop myself. I will get a step closer to reaching my full potential.

Sophie K

One Comment on “Mission Statement Sophie

  1. HOLA Sophie,
    impressive mission statement, I like it a lot. All the best at Sparks and with your host family, wonderful new experiences and lots of fun while learning and growing.

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