¡Hola y bienvenidos! This means “hello and welcome” in Spanish –

This blog entry is about learning Spanish with Spark!


First of all:

Whether you are young or old – everyone can learn Spanish in Spark – it´s never too late.

“How is learning spanish with spark? Do I need prior knowledge?”

Just as I said – everyone has the opportunity of learning Spanish whether or not you have prior knowledge.

Spark uses a level test before you come, to put you in the class that suits you best  and to optimise your learning.

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What makes Spark different?  

I already had one year of Spanish in my school before I came to Spark:

It’s definitely not comparable.


1.)  People have come to Spark from all over the world to learn Spanish; you will be learning amongst other highly motivated students just like you!

This can make group work more enjoyable and create a relaxed atmosphere in classes.

2.) Every teacher in Spark is dedicated to helping you practise your Spanish and to see the progress you’ve made by the end of your course.

If you live in our Sparkville Residence, you may still find yourself conversing in Spanish over dinner  or with a fellow student or staff member!

IMG_27223.) Learning spanish with spark isn’t boring – quite the contrary – the personal and conversational elements of the classes make them more fun.

4.) You will never be afraid of asking a question – teachers in Spark are approachable and glad to answer any questions you may have.

…and last but not least…

5.) Learning Spanish in Spain is the best way you can learn it!

You can improve your skills so easily by talking with other Spanish people at the cultural activities! For example ordering something to eat, or getting to know someone… Spanish people are so friendly with learners of their language, and feeling that they’ve understood you speaking their language is unbeatable!

So don’t delay! Start your Spanish learning journey!

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Steph in CádizHola my name is Stephanie and welcome to my blog!

My blog is about during my time at the work and study programme in Spark – let me be your personal guide!

Have you ever asked yourself “Can I really survive in an other country without my parents? Am I mature enough?”

Then you’re not alone with this thought, I felt the same before coming here.

But let me tell you the reasons why you should definitely try this type of programme!

1.) Being in an other country will make you a much more independent and mature person, even if it means stepping outside of your comfort zone.

2.) Every week Spark offers cultural activities like Flamenco classes, walking through El Puerto de Santa Maria/Cadiz – so you will never get bored in Spain!

3.) Learning a new language can be a challenge – but with Spark you will have fun learning it! The classes are really exciting and personal – and learning a language by immersion, in the country where its spoken, is much easier than learning it at home.

And let’s be honest: Who doesn’t want to be in Spain?

4.) We all know that a full curriculum vitae looks better and every boss will be impressed by experience abroad – so why not take the opportunity of working in a spanish school with spanish people?

Spark is FUN and Professional.

You will get some tasks based on your interests and also learn new professional skills which will help you in the future.

…Last but not least…

5.) Don’t let your fear of being alone take your opportunity – you won’t feel alone when there are always friendly staff and students around!

It will be a life changing experience, so be open minded and take the opportunity – ¡Ven a España!

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During my three-weeks Work and Study Programme at Spark, I want to work on being more independent regarding to work and learning Spanish.

My Mission statement is about how I will accomplish my goals during this weeks.

I will take every task that I get serious and try my best, even if something doesn’t work how it should – I will ask my colleagues and learn from my mistakes.

I will be open to improve my Spanish skills by speaking with my staff and other Spanish speaking people without being scared – if I do not try, I will never learn.

I would like to be open and friendly with everybody I meet here during my time in Spark- I will take my chance to introduce myself and hopefully make new friendships.

I chose this opportunity to get a view of a different culture, a different workplace and learn from this experience as much as I can.

Finally, I want to be able speaking Spanish properly, being less bashful regarding to work/class and will hope to improve my self confidence.

I know that if I achieve all that I have listed above , then I will really enjoy my time here in Spain.

Stephanie Stojadinovic


Mission Statement

Throughout my six month internship work experience at Spark languages, I know that I will learn and achieve a lot for myself, as this opportunity brings benefits in both professional and personal aspects. This can also translate into a bigger commitment on my behalf, as this means I will be more enthusiastic to do work that benefits me personally, rather than simply seeing it as a job.

I will develop a more open mindset to working long hours and putting in effort to the full, breaking down any notion in myself that I don’t have drive, or the temptation to leave tasks until later, and always being a reliable staff member.

I will also help in creating the nice atmosphere that Spark has to offer, being a welcoming, friendly place to all that come here, and a supportive environment, whether they are working or learning Spanish. Being a more outwardly positive person doesn´t just have an effect on others, but also yourself, so it is as much of a benefit to me as the students I welcome to Spark.

I will also build a stronger professionally-oriented mindset, as working in a business is different to studying in a university. I can already see in the Spark team on my second day that we all rely on things we have done for each other, such as scheduling tasks, communicating important information about one others jobs, etc… so learning to work as an effective part of a team is key goal for me.

I will also become competent at speaking Spanish, as I have never learned another language fluently before, this will be a challenge for me that I welcome taking on.

George Lewington



Hola, me llamo Rebecca Kanevski, tengo 16 años y soy de Alemania. Hice prácticas y aprendi español durante tres semanas, aquí en Spark, en un puesto de secretaria general. En el siguiente texto voy a explicar qué cosas exactamente yo he estado haciendo durante estas tres semanas.

Cada día tenía una clase de español entre dos y cuatro horas, dependiendo de cuántas personas se unieran a mis clases. Con mi maravillosa profesora Pilar, nos divertimos, aprendimos y repetimos mucho, ¡lo que me ayudó a mejorar mi español muchísimo!

Después de mi descanso para el almuerzo, empezaba con mi trabajo en la oficina. Siempre empezaba escribiendo una publicación de Spark Spanish facebook. Además tenía otras tareas como pintar la pared en la terraza, escribir las opiniones de los grupos escolares y publicaciones de blog, tareas administrativas y generalmente, ayudar tanto como podía. Al final de mis tres semanas de las prácticas yo podía hacer la mayoría de mis tareas independientemente.

El último jueves participé en una clase de Flamenco como parte de las actividades culturales. ¡Me encanta! A mí me gustó mucho aprender este baile tradicional y estoy muy contenta de tener esa oportunidad. ¡Fue una de mis mejores experiencias durante mi tiempo en El Puerto de Santa Maria en Andalucia!

En general he ganado muchas experiencias y conseguí un gran desarrollo en mi personalidad, que era un de mis objetivos.

Especialmente, haber hecho el trabajo en la oficina, va a ser muy útil en mi futuro trabajo, ¡igual que el trabajo que voy a tener!

¡Muchas gracias a todos los que yo conozco en Spark! Extrañaré a mi profesores, mis amigos, mi trabajo, mi descanso – todo el tiempo que estuve en Spark!

¡Muchísimas gracias por hacer de mi práctica un tiempo fantástico!

¡Hasta luego!

Rebecca Kanevski

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Con mi profesora Pilar

When traveling to Spain, you’ll notice people’s warm hospitality, their idea of family, easy-going lifestyle, and just generally the spanish spirit, which is definitely one of the things I’m going to miss back home!

Image result for ibiza beach

¡Vamos a la playa! Who doesn’t love the beaches? Spain has lots of beautiful beaches, which are definitely worth a visit! You won’t regret, I promise!


Paella, tortilla and churros! Spanish food is known for its diversity, this is why I’m sure, everybody will find something they’ll enjoy! Also, most restaurants and bars offer tapas, which are basically just smaller meals, so you can try a couple of meals!

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Image result for paellaImage result for spanish tortillaImage result for churros

You love summer? Well then you better plan your next holiday in Spain! Especially in southern parts of Spain the weather is awesome and the sun will be shining all day long!

Another amazing thing about Spain are the “fiestas”. Wherever you are in Spain, you will be able to experience breathtaking events! Wether it’s the Semana Santa, the Fallas of Valencia, Carnival or the crazy San Fermín! Just make sure you’re at the right place at the right time!

Related image

These were just a few of the amazing things you definitely should consider visiting, whenever you’re in Spain! And don’t forget there is no better way to visit Spain than doing a language holiday learning Spanish.

¡Hasta luego!


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You are thinking about learning Spanish, but you don’t know where to start?

Well here are my suggestions how I think YOU will get the best out of your effort!

1. Get the basics!

Image result for spanish class photosWhenever you want to learn a new language, the most important thing is to get the basics. Phrases of everyday use, numbers, basic grammar rules and of course some vocabulary. The best way to learn these, is attending some kind of Spanish classes and especially, having a teacher, who can correct and help you, to make sure you learn Spanish properly, right away!

2. Vocabulary

Image result for flashsticks spanish homeBesides grammar, vocabulary one of the most important parts, when it comes to learning a new language. But no worries! There are other possibilities of learning vocabs, than desperately trying to remember them all, while spending hours  at your desk. One of my favourites is putting sticky notes on all objects you have at home, saying the Spanish word on them. Also, you can use two different colours, that will make it way easier for you to remember the article! For example you could put a red sticky note on your door saying “la puerta” and a blue one saying “el reloj” next to your watch. This works for rooms like bathroom, kitchen etc. real good as well!

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3. Include Spanish in your daily life!

Image result for spanish newspaperRead spanish books, listen to spanish songs, watch the news or your favourite movies in spanish, get yourself a Spanish-CD you can listen to, while using your car, to practice your listening/ reading comprehension! This is a good preparation for you to understand spanish-speaking people, without needing them to extremely slow down their speed of talking! Most spanish teacher won’t be speaking like natives, especially whilst giving spanish lessons. I experienced that myself, as I decided to do a three-week internship in Spain, after having learned Spanish for three years in school, and been struggling to understand what people were saying, when I first got here!

4. Practice makes perfect!

I don’t think there’s much more to say about this! We all know how much truth is behind those simple words! One thing I’d suggest is going abroad, ’cause it’s the simplest and best way to practice and use your spanish. Also, you’re travelling and exploring a new country and culture!

Image result for go abroad


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Hello everybody!

During my three-week work and study Spanish experience in Spain, I didn’t just want to get some work experience but also wanted to combine that with getting to know the Spanish culture. Therefore, I decided to stay with a host family, which turned out to be a wonderful decision!


Living with a Spanish family has lots of advantages, for example always having  someone around you, who you could spend time with. When I arrived, I didn’t know anybody, so I was really glad to have such a nice host family and especially, having a host sister, who is my age. So instead of sitting  at home all day on my first day, we went to the beach and by doing that, I also got familiar with El Puerto de Santa María.

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Image result for spanish culture

Another great thing is experiencing real “Spanish” life for the three weeks I’m here. The food, the routines and the complete lifestyle are totally different to what I was used to, back home. Personally, I don’t think there’s a better way of experiencing and getting to know a foreign culture. Also, due to my host family being locals, they show me around and I get to see lots of places without being worried                                                                                          about getting lost or missing out some nice                                                                                      places!

Image result for hablas espanol

The probably best thing about living with a Spanish family is that it’s an easy way of improving your Spanish, because you are speaking and hearing it basically all the time, you are with them! Besides that, you’re also picking up phrases without really learning the vocabulary, like you would in school.

These points are basically the first that came to my mind, when thinking about the great advantages you have, whilst staying with a spanish family!

Hope this post inspired you to think about going abroad!

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Did you kow that Spanish is the mothertongue to about 400 million people all around the globe?

Whether you are working with an international company, want to improve your cognitive skills or would like to travel and explore the world, learning Spanish will definitely be helpful!

1. It´s easy

First of all, Spanish is quite easy to pickup, which is very fun while learning a new language. Moreover, you will see many similarities between English (or other languages as well) and Spanish!

2. Improve your cognitive skills

Also being able to speak more than one language will keep your brain working and without a doubt improve your cognitive skills. This may help in lots of situations you will come across in your daily life.

3. Career opportunities

Furthermore, Spanish is spoken in lots of different parts of the world so actually speaking Spanish will open up a  lot of  new career opportunities, due to being a minority on a growing market.

4. Go abroad

Another good reason to learn Spanish, especially at a young age, is going abroad. Taking part in Work & Study, exchange, work experience and Au-pair programs is a great way of gaining experience and of course practicing Spanish.

5. Culture

Last but not least, Spain and other spanish-speaking countries all have amazing cultures, which are definitely worth a visit. The variety of foods, the famous flamenco dance or the antique traditions, there are lots of things Spain is know for!

So these were my 5 most important reasons, why I think YOU should learn Spanish!

¡Hasta luego!


During my three-week work and study Spanish programme at Spark, I want to work on my personal development and I want to be seen as an open-minded and reliable intern. This statement is going to explain how and what in particular I am planning to achieve during my stay.

I need to be motivated in order to be able to give 110% so I can live out my responsibilities with passion and excitement. Also being motivated will help me to complete my tasks the best I can. This will definitely be useful, considering my future work.

I will improve my ability of interacting with Spanish-speaking  people, by trying to speak Spanish as much as possible. This will not only be beneficial for my language skills, but also be part of my personality, which might open up career opportunities.

I need to have a positive attitude towards everybody and everything I will come across here at Spark, and generally in Spain, to get the most out of my work experience. Last but not least, I want to have a great time, gain lots of experience, get to know new people and a new culture, but most importantly; enjoy my stay.

Rebecca Kanevski


During my three-month placement at Spark, whilst working and studying Spanish, I want to work on my personal and professional development and become an efficient, reliable and valued staff member. My mission statement sets out how I will achieve this, and by reflecting on it, I can take responsibility for my own personal development.

I need to develop good work habits in order to reach my full potential in terms of what I can contribute to the team. This includes becoming conscious of negative and limiting thoughts when they occur to me, and replacing them with more constructive ones. In this way I can push myself to continue learning rather than being limited by self-doubt or blame.

I will take on challenging tasks rather than allowing my fear of failure to hold me back from trying. This may mean asking for help when I need it, and persevering with skills which I find harder to pick up. When I do fail, I will hold myself accountable and make sure the issue gets resolved. Whatever successes and failures I have, I will learn from them.

Rather than striving to carry out small tasks and details to perfection, I will consider how they fit into the bigger picture in terms of the objectives I am trying to achieve. In this way, I can allocate my time and energy efficiently, not spending too much time on less important details.

Chloe Huggon

Chloe Huggon

Finally, through my attitude and energy I will be a positive influence on the atmosphere at Spark. I will approach my daily work, regardless of the type of tasks I am carrying out, with enthusiasm and positivity.



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