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I am adamant that by the time my six month placement is finished here in Spark, I will aim very high every goal and task possible set to me by the Spark team and set by myself. Originally, my goal was to improve my Spanish and get a glimpse into teaching, I have also been given more responsibilities which I will take in my stride. I will give it my best to fulfil any objectives and aims presented by the Spark team. I will learn as much as possible and every day the Spark team will see improvement in me, no matter how big or small. I will always try my best to speak and improve my Spanish to communicate better with clients and staff members. As my first job relating to office work, I will try and learn many skills of office work and I will utilise them daily and efficiently by constant focus. In these six months, I will not only improve my language skills, (which is something I unfortunately lack at the moment), I will try learn how to work more efficiently and how to give my complete focus to a task, constantly producing results as a result of my hard work. It is unquestionable to say that challenges and obstacles will be met along the way, but I will try not to be too fazed by this and take it in my stride.

When I am fully immersed in the way in which an office works, I will be viewed by my colleges as a hard worker, the reason why I will be viewed as a hard worker is by my steady improvement, my dedication, passion and by my ability to complete tasks efficiently and to a high standard. Even though I am young (and still have a lot to learn), and to also take into consideration that I have no prior experience in office work, I want to be a reliable employee of this company, someone who is there to help when things are chaotic for other staff members and someone who people can turn to if help is required. By my managers, I aspire to be viewed as someone who was a great worker, always gave all her passion and dedication to Spark related objectives. I will be viewed as someone who was constantly improving, someone who was a valuable staff member and could produce results daily no matter how big or small.

Even though my experience in teaching English is extremely lacking, I will try my best to be a teacher that creates a comfortable, open and inspiring classroom to learn in. My students will consider me to be dedicated, caring and prepared while being able to produce fun, diverse classes at the same time.

To achieve all of these goals, I will set aside 10/15 minutes at the end of every work day to reflect on the days objectives, set goals for the following day and reflect on how I could improve, I will ask questions if necessary, and always learn from advice given by taking notes or putting into practise. I will be a friendly, helpful and positive source around Spark. By putting all these habits into practise, I will then improve my work ethic, attention to detail and client attention. Good habits make for a good future and mine have started in my first week of placement.

Mary Jane Walsh

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