Pintando, decorando y aprendiendo español

Clase de Español

Hi Im Sophia Kastner from Germany and I’m doing a work and study programme in Spain where I learn Spanish in the morning and do some tasks in the afternoon aimed to help me learn about taking responsibility and completely projects. So far I have done quite a few things, including:

Painting inside of Spark – who would have thought i would enjoy painting! It was hard work but nice to see the difference it made as spark is now beautifully white again. Big thank to Laura for some help!

  • Decorating the Navarra bedroom; each bedroom in Spark is named after a Spanish “comunidad” (state) and I was given the task of decorating Navarra, for past Sparkies that is the first on the right in main part of the Sparkville residence. I was given a budget to buy some things for the room and also was completely free to choose the colours. I ended up deciding on a blue colour theme. Anyway i hope you like my efforts and remember me if you stay there in the future 🙂 .
  • Painting the roof tables and chairs. Yes i am tired of painting by now but was still nice to tidy up these tables and chairs, hope you like the colour.
  • I have also be started running some cultural events with the other adult students which has been great fun. I went with Jillian, Laura and Tim to Bar Elias which had the most incredible views across the bay of Cadiz. We had a lovely lunch then walked back about 7 kms along the beach, it was beautiful! I have also done a churros breakfast and tapa evening and a few others 🙂
  • I also had the fun task of making up photo frames for all the past school groups that have been on school tours to Spain with Spark. With the idea being that all the pictures will be put up in on one of the walls in Spark. To do this task I even had to learn to use a drill!


  • I also had the fun task of decorating the spark stair case up to the sparkville residence. For those of you who remember before it was just white but now it has spark in nice letters written on it. I think it looks nice and it works well for group photos. I hope you like it!
  • My final task I did was creating a photo album for Spark to promotpreviewe Spark’s Spanish School Tours specifically to primary schools wanting to do a trip in Spain. The album has been printed yet but will soon and will end up looking similar to the one we have for secondary school tours to Spain. Poppy, a past Spark work and study student,
    started the task but I’m being finishing off. It is nice to think it will have lasting usage.

I have a had a great time here in Spark learning Spanish and learning many practical and creative things too.

Sophia Kastner

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